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October 04, 2006


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you know I am trying to think of what photos beside foliage to take in our little hamlet and I just can't think of anything really is just a blip in the road....I will keep trying :)



I do want to dive right in -- right now.


Gorgeous photos and the Flickr site loaded up just fine ... I look forward to additions ...


You keep this up and I may want to move back! ;)


hangin' out in a huge beach house in Charleston, SC right now. The pic you took of the walk to the beach isn't terribly dissimilar to the one we have. Great Photo!

Old Horsetail Snake

Yes, you set it up exactly just right, Laura. Way to be. And thanks.


Beautiful pics! I'm most impressed with the birds - are they very tame in Florida or do you just have a looong lens?

Tammy~Kentucky Gal

I loved your slideshow...although it made me homesick for a visit to Florida...I love that state!!


LaurainNj, long lens! I was using 70-300mm for these shots. I have noticed that the birds, while not exactly tame, seem to be very tolerant of us. I've heard skateboarders come down the boardwalks at the nature preserves, with their wheels making all kinds of noise on the wood, and the birds just freeze, instead of taking flight as I had thought they would.

Tammy, thanks!! glad you enjoyed it. :)

Hoss, I was a newbie fer sure ;)

Tony, making the rest of us jealous, are you? Oh, and your beach house pictures are...? ;)

Seamus, anytime and bring your camera, AND the dog!

Nils, most definitely. Thanks again for helping. LOL!!

Sue, what about the smaller things, such as a single doorway, decorated for halloween (g), or one single tree, church bells... etc? These photos would be great for scrapbooks. ;)

Sara Sue

The photos are great, Laura, I mean really great! I can almost smell the ocean! Oh and, Flicker will let you upload more pics next month :)

The neighborhood meme was an amazing's spread everywhere! Thank you!

Florida Cracker

BEAUTIFUL! Those are the weirdest turtle tracks I've ever seen on a beach ;)

If I were GI JOE I would sooooo surf that perfect little wave.


I'll be incommunicado for a bit.


I want to walk across that bridge! The sand and the beach look so inviting!


It looks like I'm a little late for this, but I love the idea. I'll trade you some fall folliage photos for more beach ones. The beach entrance is great!! When I get around to posting some I'll dedicate them to you. Will this be an ongoing series?


hmm, Colleen, I hadn't thought of making it an ongoing series. It's something to consider, especially as the seasons change, and our neighborhoods change as well. I'll give that some thought!

The rest of the photos are on the Flickr site, and will be updated. I'm heading into Clearwater Beach tomorrow and hope to get some of the bridges and the skyline.


Your photographs are AMAZING!!! I just flickered (is that what you call it?). WOW. I haven't seen water or sand like that since I was a kid. It brings back great Panama City Beach memories for me. Your photos are so crisp--and the water, WOW. I'm beside myself, and trying to imagine what it's like to be there again. Thank you for starting this meme and for offering beautiful shots of your place, Laura.

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