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November 26, 2006


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We just did our decorating today Laura...btw do you happen to know where I can find some Christmas spirit? I seem to have misplaced mine. :)

Sara Sue

The bulbs you're talking about are all the rage here again. I sent a couple of pictures to your e-mail address.

I think your girls are brilliant! :)


Five million, eh? ;)

I started shopping in October and am almost finished. That's to make up for all those years I nearly killed myself on Christmas Eve. LOL!


We haven't done a whole bunch of stress at Christmas for years now. A 14 inch ceramic tree and the manger scene on a table, a wreath on the door, and we're set.
I am getting a bit concerned about the family newsletter and pictures. That seems to be the big thing the relatives want.


Outside lights are up ... mostly, thanks to Emma the Christmas sprite.
Still need to get that dead fridge off the front porch ... it clashes with the holiday trimmings.

Off to get a tree on Wednesday!


They're up! I'll try to post a picture later. We like the big bulb-type of lights, too. They're the kind we both grew up with. Our house is stucco and, with the strands all around the roofline and up on the office roof over the garage, it looks like a little gingerbread house. Sort of.

Tammy~Kentucky Gal

I've always liked those types of Christmas lights the best...makes me nostalgic *sigh*


I am in the midst of the stressmas deco as we type. Tree up, check. Lights on the tree, check. All lights on the tree working, Stockings hung by the chimney with care, check. Outside icicle lights hung, check

When we were kids, we used to take every single one of the individual strands on two different houses and swap them. So, you'd have blue lights one day, and green the next! Life was so simple back then!

Old Horsetail Snake

Decorations here go up on the 24th and come down on the 26th. Don't blink, or you'll miss it.

I remember those lights. That's all we had when I was a kid....


I want some of those lights! They remind me of being a kid.... I have got to get started. I keep thinking about it and then I get distracted on something else.

You are so lucky your hubby can do that kind of stuff!


The single bulbs are all I ever use.

I kick it Old School.


I am feeling so lazy about decorating that I want to just go out and buy all new stuff instead of going up into the attic and having to lug everything into the house and sort it all out. I think a quick trip to Target or Big Lots for just a few things sounds much easier somehow.How warped is that?


PS- I did paint my toenails a very festive red today- does that count for some decorating?


Jeff, seriously? No "ode to the Bucs" lighting display? ;) And btw, that's a kick ass banner on your blog right now. Looks soooo familiar! :)

Thanks Deana. It is handy having him around from time to time. (g).

Hoss, I used to put the lights up just a few days before Christmas, too. They seem to go up earlier every year.

Tony, you are wayyyy too organized!!! If you get bored, come on over here and put ours up too?

Tammy, yep, I hear ya on that one. :)

Wordgirl, That must look awfully pretty with the lights up at Christmas time. I'll stop by your site when your pics are up and take a look!

Mrs. DoF. OHHHH those newsletters!! @@ That reminds me of a whole other post I should do! LOL.

Crackers, for a moment there, you sounded very much the redneck (g). LOL

Pam, I was going to start shopping early, too. I really wish I had. But then I say that every year. Congrats on the head start, talk about a stress less way to spend December!

Sara, TU TU TU, yet again. :)

Goldbloom, This is one of those holidays where you either have the spirit each year, or ya don't. And some years, seems like the holidays just come too soon.
I've had more than a few years where I just couldn't get in the mood for Christmas at all. I hope you find a little "spirit" at some point in time. And I'll have another glass along with ya (g).


Laurie, holy smokes, where'd you come from!! LOL.
I feel the exact same way!!!! It would be easier, too. Just leave all the stuff up in the containers until next year. (Or a few years down the road!)

The red toes sound great! I need to go get mine done, too. Preferably by someone who speaks English this time around. Mine are still pink and white from summer. lol

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