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November 08, 2006


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Other than dead animal parts... no... Not squeamish. ;)


One time I went to a cooking class.
The chef showed a neat way to peel the skin off a whole chicken--almost like taking off a jacket.
This little episode was not advertised on the registration form. The woman in the seat in front of me turned out to be a vegetarian.
She was NOT amused, made several tsktsking sounds, got out of her seat heading for the door. She didn't quite make it, and all of her breakfast went splat, with some of it on my shoes and pantslegs.
I have worked in the medical field, raised three children, had a job in daycare with other people's children and all their bodily fluids.
None as nasty as somebody's tofu and lentils upchuck on my shoes, combined with the smell of raw chicken in the room.


I was playing fetch with a labrador one evening at dusk. He brought me a series of small sticks and then a rather large, squishy "stick" that was actually a dead bird. I took it from him, since it was just about dark, and didn't know what I was holding right away. I still shudder at the thought.


Once, my one year old was sitting on the lap of my "Indian-style" crossed legs. I could tell she was just about to sneeze, and I didn't have any kleenex. I did the only thing I could think of. I put my hand in front of her face just in time to catch the juiciest, nastiest handful of snot as it came flying out of my baby's nose.

I think the daycare teacher nearly threw up when she saw that...


Just know that I was going to comment and then changed my mind, remembering this is a family blog.


Yay for updates on the kitchen!!!!

Hmmm, squeamish? Holding a young python right after it's meal - ewwww!


I heard of Hair of the dog...but eye of the dog..that's weird.


My junior year in HS, I took Anatomy & Phisiology. During second semester, we dissected cats. Studied muscles, skeletal system, nerves, organ systems, and reproductive...all in synchronization with the dissection of kitty. I was grouped with two other girls who refused to touch the cat, even with surgical gloves. They wouldn't even help when we had to (manually) saw the head in half (bilaterally) to study the pulmonary system. Wimps.

Yay on the kitchen. We hope to get out of all of our work without owing anything. Things move slowly when you pay cash!


Pam... lucky you! :))))

Mrs. DoF ohhh... that's a horrible story!! yechh!

Melissa, sounds like a true lab, LOL! We had a black lab for years and he would have found a dead bird too. Only he would have dragged it off instead of "retrieving" it. He never was good at retrieving.

Kelli, I think every mom in America can identify with that one. The things we end up doing!!!!

Sara, knowing you the way I do.. I just had to grin when I read your comment. ;)

(oh, and thanks, LOLOL!)

Seamus, Hub used to own a python, and boa, some other snakes as well. YECH!!!!

William, well it was a real "interesting" place to work, that's for sure. We had a group of outgoing, somewhat weird people working there as well.

and OK Lass, my stomach was turning just reading your comment!!! arrrk!

and you're right about the cash comment. If I charged it all, we'd be done by now. Some days, I think I should have.

Florida Cracker

A one pound brick of raw heroin. It smelled like cow dung and the potential misery it contained was a stomach turner.

Florida Cracker

I wasn't smuggling it by the way. That was during my LE days.

Just thought I'd throw that bit of info in.


FC... LOL oh man! I bust out laughing there! Curious to see if I suddenly get a bunch of hits from FDLE or DEA agents monitoring my site.
(er, if y'all are from those agencies, the only drug we talk about on this site is caffiene, thankyouverymuch! )


That is one adorable doggy! Actually I knew what they were, because a year ago I was trying to find one for my MIL.


I disected frogs and cats. ICK! In college, as a pledge to a sorority, they made me stick my hand in what they said was worms, while I was blindfolded. It turned out to be cole spaghetti, but it was gross nonetheless.


While working part time in college I was working in a local office and some young odd looking fellow came in and paid in was a really hot day and the money was hot and wet.,....I guess from sweat but when I went to put it away it had like this white goo on it and smelled so badly...I heaved until I actually had to go vomit....I still can't think about it. God only knows what it was.


Goldbloom, The one at our vet was a "regular" and we all got attached to him. He was such a good dog, but seemed like a high energy breed as well. Hope your MIL was able to get the one she wanted.

Kenju, I've done that at birthday parties as well. LOL!

Deana.. ok, that turned my stomach as well. yech!


I worked with a surgeon, so squeemish was something I couldn't be. But I think someone sneezing snot all over me would definitely make me puke.

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