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November 10, 2006


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sorry, I had to stay away from your blog a couple days to let the sad posts scroll down...I'm weird like that, I have a hard time reading those types of things!

Mosquitos don't generally bother me...I must have bitter blood!

Your lunch sounds DELISH!!!

I've got lots of drama going on in my me and I'll share ;-)


Ups are that I've started working in another room in earnest.

Downs are that I've started working in another room in earnest.

See, if i were around I'd be the mosquito bait - why they think I'm the chew toy I don't know. I still suspect that that many of my east coast friends kept me around because I was the mosquito magnet. Ears??? Ha! They'd go right through the shirt!!!!!


Hey! We've got 75 degrees here in Tennessee today...unbelievable and WONDERFUL!
No mosquitoes but the ladybugs are swarming. By the zillions!


It got up to 81* here today - a record! It was really beautiful and will be that way again tomorrow and then all hell breaks loose. It felt like FL here today.


One day later ...

Ups are that it is a gorgeous Remembrance Day here, and the girls and I went for breakfast, then to the Cenotaph to watch the veterans parade by, which never fails to move me ...

Down is that it's a beautiful day here, and since this is Canada and since you never know how many beautiful days you're going to have before the snow is flying and the wind is howling - and since I have long since learned my lesson about hanging my ass out in the breeze in those conditions and dangling off a roof - today I'll probably spend the afternoon hanging (but not illuminating) Christmas lights.

Up is that I have a lot of exciting projects in the air.

Down is that I can only tell a few people about them.

Up is that the puppies will be gone this week!

Down is ... that the puppies will be gone this week.

Tammy~Kentucky Gal

I've had enough down and there is only one way now and that is Up, Up and Away...the Union/Company negotiotions begin again Monday...lot's of positive vibes in the air...Hubby and son may go back to work very soon!!
Happy Days Ahead!!!

Florida Cracker

Up: Just got back from being under the Gulf clam farming for a few hours. It was a perfect day on the water even if you were working hard wrestling bags of clams.

Down: These were baby clams that will be divided into new clam bags and replanted tomorrow, hence no clams to bring home and slurp.


I was hoping that Jeb Bush would name the Mosquito as the state bird before he left office.

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