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November 03, 2006


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Florida Cracker

I just steamed some fresh broccoli. How timely is that? Sounds good, the mush factor was always the thing I didn't like about frozen broccoli even if the flavor was good. I'll give it a try.

LOL on the snail tale.


I'm a good cook. But a lazy one. I've been poking a small hole in frozen, bagged veggies and steamin' 'em for years, now. When I saw the Bird's Eye veggies I coulda kicked myself for not "inventing" it myself. LOL

Tammy~Kentucky Gal

Loved the Friday Joke!!!


LOL -- I LOVE that joke! That's terrific!


I prefer fresh broccoli, but I might try some of the other veggies. Thanks for the tip.


that's so cute!!!


Groan!!! I wondered where this snail joke was going! A good Friday night laugh. I'll try the frozen veggies but only because you say they're good. Having grown up on canned lima beans and peas I've gone to almost 100% fresh. But if you say so...


Ah, we too have just got the steamable frozen broccoli etc. My freezer is heaving with it. :)

Loved the joke!


GREAT joke ... and hey, pretty close to clean, too. I'm totally stealing it.

And since you started the snail jokes:

Guy in Florida goes out to get his paper and sees, on his porch, a giant snail. He knows his wife is squeamish about snails, so he picks it up and throws it out into the field across the road, then goes and gets his paper.

A coupe of weeks later, he gets up, goes out to get his paper, and there's the snail on his porch.

The snail looks up at him and says "Hey ... what the hell's YOUR problem, buddy?"


Keep in mind, I'm with you all on the "fresh is best" issue, but if you have to reach in the freezer, I liked this version better than the other frozen brands on the market.
Worth a shot, anyway.

Don't overcook 'em!

Enjoying all your comments... and Nils, if there was an armadillo instead of a snail in that joke, he wouldn't have made it back to the front porch... ;)


That is a great joke! Loved it...stealing it!

Who was the politician that hated Broccoli? I guess I hated it when I was little...but now I totally love it!


Bush Sr., Tony.


Is it just me, or did anyone else hear a rim shot directly after that joke?

Happy Homecoming and Happy B-Day!


I haven't seen those but I'm going to scour the neighborhood grocery stores this week. I love good (not mushy) broccoli!

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