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November 18, 2006


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Old Horsetail Snake

So, did you get the big slab of red meat at the restaurant last night? And I am awaiting the Christmas recipes. I have decided to take up cooking, again.


Gee, I have been putting potato peelings down my disposal for 25 years at this house and we have never had a problem with it.

After you bake, can you send some up here? I don't do much of that....LOL

I agree with Pam about medical studies. If you wait 6 mos. there will be another one to refute the last.


Gators put a hurtin' on Carolina SFTDAB (school for the deaf and blind) That was like the Bucs playing a college team during their Superbowl season. Did you guys get some tile? I wanna see some pictures.


I've got to stop blogging about the things we're going to do.

Hub and I didn't get to go out to eat last night as planned. He brought home a giant truck load of sod in the evening because he was too cheap to pay the $15 delivery fee. Which meant all the sod had to be off his truck last night, so that he could go to work this morning without carrying the sod back across town again.
there's another long story here that i'm too tired to get into.
we had take out chinese food instead.

So no, HOss, I never did get my big slab of beef steak. :)

and Tony, today the plan was to meet him at noon and then head to the tile place which was supposed to be open till 5 p.m.
It's a 30 min drive from my house. We get there and there's a sign on the door: "Closed for inventory."
I give up.
I'm going back to the first place that I wanted to order it from and just go with that one instead. I'll definitely get pics for you. He's done all the tile work in the house and does a good job of it. I'm just tired of waiting for this latest batch.
Since they're going to the friggin boat show tomorrow and the sod can't sit out till next weekend (we'll be gone all week) we had no choice but to come home and get it on the ground today.

Got all the sod down and we have all but a few sections left to put in place. I think we need about 1/2 a pallet more, but I don't know if they sell half pallets. Probably have to go to home depot for that.

Kenju, you sure got lucky! Our house was built in 1970 and the pipes are so old, that the gunk inside of it "catches" things like potato peels. I have to be careful what I send down the sink!

Oh and Tony, USC MUST LOSE tonight!

Florida Cracker

WOWSERS, that was like a second post.


Green side up. Just sayin' ...


Cool West Florida Coast mornings are one thing but this Morning ( Sunday ) there was frost on my windshield..that is sumthin else again..hope it didn't burn my pole beans and 'maters'

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