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November 22, 2006


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Oh, wow! Poor Buddy... thank God for great vets and caring owners. ;)

Hope ya'll have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Sara Sue

AWWWW! I'm so glad he's ok, Laura! Give him a scratch for me.

Happy Turkey Day to you guys!


oh, I'm SO glad he's ok!!!


Scary stuff. I feel for you, having to wait with the guy, all worried and anxious. But yay for the corn syrup trick - betcha you bought some on the way home, huh?

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving ... and yes, lots to be Tahnkful for - including vets from Auburn.


Oh gosh, Laura...poor Buddy. I've never met this dog, but I feel an "attachment" to him. I'm SO glad he came through that episode alright and yes, you do have a lot to be thankful for.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours and especially to Buddy!


Poor Buddy! I expect that he was perplexed at what was happening to him and fearful too, so that must have made it worse. Thanks to the vet who knew what to do. Have a great Thanksgiving!

Florida Cracker

What a month Buddy is having. Sheesh!
The whole blogosphere is relieved to know he's rebounded.

I'm still forced to deal with dialup due to our location and yes, it is sloooowwwwww.

Happy Thanksgiving to the Vitaminsea family!


Happy Thanksgiving, Laura.

I hope you guys have a great day, and take a great nap!


What a scary moment with Buddy...well all afternoon it seems. I'm glad the vet was nice even though you had to wait, and I'm very glad he took care of the low blood sugar problem. It was indeed something to be Thankful for.

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