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November 09, 2006


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its coming beautifully! great job!

Florida Cracker

Ditto, that looks great.


I am so jealous. So unusual for me. What a wonderful kitchen! Great work ... but also, great ideas. So great job, both of you.


IT LOOKS WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are at the same stage with molding and such to do!


Just beautiful!! Every picture was an "ooohh" and an "aaahh"...
Yep, I'm jealous! ;)


Thanks y'all. :)
My hub will enjoy the comments as he has done all the work himself.

Seamus, hub's been working on the molding all week... it's a lot of detail, isn't it.


Oh WOW! It's beautiful! I LOVE The tile and the sliding drawers and the pantry and the garbage thingy!

You've done a fantastic job!


Wow! That is one beautiful kitchen! You must be very excited.....I'm still waiting to finish my back splash, trim, wall under the bar and pantry doors. I am newly inspired.


It's come a long way - and it looks beautiful! I love your granite, too. :D


That granite is incredible! Even better than what was in that last kitchen . I love it, thanks for sharing with us!



I like that back splash look :)


LOL Paul.. GREAT website, by the way! hahahha!
It's number 2, after mine.


I can sure use that "squeezable pantry". I have never seen a divider used like this...great idea or wasted space too.

You kitchen is really looking great.


My typing is comment was supposed to say...great idea FOR wasted space too...or a space that would have been left as unused.


The kitchen is gorgeous Laura! Love the cabinets. You guys are doing a great job.


I agree, the granite top looks great! You must be really pleased with the end result.

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