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November 30, 2006


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Nils is such a slut. I here he has been appearing in everyone's bedroom.


I know William, and he says he's not a ladies man??


Hey, you two ... I resemble those remarks. Thanks for the plug, Laura ... the encouragement and support of my oldest and dearest pal on the internets really matters to me. (I mean "oldest" in the sense of "pal I've known longest" ... not .. uh ... oh, never mind.)

I haven't commented on every post in the past month ... most, but not all. And while I've raved to you in emails and in blogs about your writing and photography, a big part of the fun coming here is reading the comments.

The once a day posts seem to agree with you, by the way. The ones I love best are the ones you claim to have slapped together just to have a post for that day - they're honest and funny and come straight out of the Laura I know.


I'm quite proud to say that I have read you everyday during the month of November. Yours is one of my new fave blogs. Thanks for posting everyday, they were all fun reads.

Sara Sue

I'm really going to miss November; I too enjoyed you every day. Nice job and thank you for playing.

I grabbed your verbiage about 'ol what's-his-name to put on my site, is that ok? Yours is just so eloquent and mine was so...lacking.

When's the next blog all month thingy?


Yay for making it through the Nano-Nano-blah-blah month! You HAVE covered a lot of topics, and have become one of my daily reads.

As for Nils... I got him up on my blog, too, but I'll be damned if he's getting near my bedroom! He cooks right? He can stay in my kitchen. :)


I enjoyed the daily fresh too. Good job on the Nanoo Nanoo thingie.


...and what a ride you've taken us on - kindda like November weather in Seattle - bwahahaha! Congrats on your completion!


Good job on the Nano writing thing Laura...I could have never done a blog a day. I'm just not that interesting and don't have that much to say. Again...Good job.


LOL, thank you all!! Pasadena Sandy, please bite your tongue! I don't know very many motorcycle- riding Grandmas, and your photos and stories are always entertaining.

Seamus, that reminds me, what IS the best time of the year to visit Seattle, preferably after the rainy season... ?

Kelli, have him to do the dishes while you're at it. I'll join ya on the porch for a glass of wine! LOL.

Sara, the NEXT one? there's going to be another one?????? And no, I don't mind a bit. My visceral verbosity has its roots in Seinfeldocity.
My blog is all about... that.

Sandybox2003, thank you!!! Come on back anytime. ;)

Nils, I did some editing, btw. And I'll keep your last comment in mind, as those types of posts are always more fun to write about.


The truth is: There Is No Spoon.

30 days! Yay you!


Hooray for 30 days! Now, can we have 30 more? :)


Can't we convince you to nanoblogmore (or whatever it is) all the time? Now we know you can!


Kenju, certainly. For a small fee... nominal, really. ;)

Gypsy, in a row? (g)

Lass, no spoon??

Nils Ling

I'll pay whatever fee. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say "I want my Laura every day!!!"


Here I am again..ha. Congrats on finishing your daily blog fest. You are the queen of
creative writing, dating back to those notes written and passed back and forth on a daily basis in high school. You definately have my vote and I hope you won the contest!!

Sara Sue

Psssst...just cuz you posted every day in Nov. doesn't mean you get to take every day in Dec. off!


I'm having trouble with typepad, Sara. can't get into it. :(

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