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November 13, 2006


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such beautiful bird pictures! I love egrets :-)


So ... what you're saying is .. "Egrets ... I have a few ... "



Was he headed for the fish pond??? I'll send Nick by with his bb gun. It'll only sting a bit. Won't hurt 'em.


Ah! Sam returns ... bearing gifts! LOL! Good for her and nice shots! :)

Sara Sue

They always look so graceful, don't they? Great pics, Laura.


That reminds me, I should show you all the fish in the pond. Almost 20 of 'em now. I don't know why the birds aren't in there eating them up. The egrets seem to like the lizards instead.


Pretty bird!


Hooray if they are eating the exotic brown anoles!

That could be an immature little blue or snowy. They resemble each other at that stage and I resemble someone too busy to look it up.


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