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November 14, 2006


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Hee hee... Such a good dog, protecting the house against a huge inflatable glowing turkey. ;)


Hee!! Silly dog. One of ours barks at bushes.


HAHAHA poor Buddy!


Well, it could have been a REAL giant alien turkey and then what?

Good boy, Budster.


If our dogs hear or see anything that goes bump in the night (or day for that matter) all hell breaks out! It takes a while before they are silenced, and then...bam! Another bug hits the window....Wooooooooof Wooooooooof Woooooooof in unison!


Yay Buddy!!!
If I had cataracts THAT would scare me too!!! Gobbler's Revenge! It's who's for dinner!


Ack! Why the hell didn't you let him pee on that atrocity? I would have peed on it myself! My dog did the same thing all last Christmas at the big Grinches and Snowmen on lawns.


Buddy's all "They said protect the house. They didn't say "Except from hideous lawn ornaments." Just doing my job."

Good dog, Buddy. Now, let the cats out, wouldja?

Sara Sue

I'm with Katherine on this one, that thing is horrible! Buddy should have gone to town on it! What will they have on the lawn for x-mas??


When I take off my glasses, I have the same opinion as Buddy.


I don't think our dogs would ever stop barking if they saw something like that.


Oh that one made me laugh out loud. How funny are they?


I did not realize they made Thanksgiving Lawn decorations.


Might I recommend "Bach's Rescue Remedy" I used to give Montana that all the time and it calmed her right down LOL -- Now "I'm" living on the stuff to calm ME down :)


Sue, I've never heard of that one. He's normally a calm dog, except when he's not sure about the invaders.. ;)

William, they're coming soon to a neighborhood near you. Hide the boys!

Sara, their christmas decorations are actually pretty nice. unfortunately, he's getting the decorations up already. lol

Laughing at all the rest of your comments!! ;) Sorry it took so long to reply. :(

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