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November 24, 2006


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Sara Sue

Not only did he bite..I did too!!! You got me, Laura! Niiiiceeeee!!!


Sweeet ... now .. did you see any panthers on the highway back?




Yup, I'm afraid I "bit" for that one too. Still chuckling. So I take it evil bird still maintains a residence with you? I had one of those years ago...but Reggie was a bit more docile...not much, but a bit. I've since switched to only dogs and cats.


You got me...! I confess my mouth even dropped open at his apology... :D


OMG You did it again - Arrrggghhh! I have to be better at seeing this stuff coming from you... LOL


(chesire cat grin) (g)

and Terri, several months ago, we gave him to a woman who works for Rick's company. He's been living happily ever after at her house. He actually wasn't as bad as he is portrayed here, but he did have a habit of biting, no matter how calm and sweet we were to him. Sam bought him toys and we used to let him out of the cage every day, but he just never really cottoned up to us. We were told he was trying to be the "head of the flock" as it were. Well, I decided he could take his power trip elsewhere. LOl.


LOL Laura you got me with that one...That was pretty good....I'm such a sucker!

Our cockatiel Peeps is pretty calm, she will even ride around on our golden retrievers back. Her melodic chorus does tend to drive us insane sometimes though.


You had me right up until you threw him in the freezer. ;)

Good one!


Even as you threw him into the freezer I still had not caught on to the very funny punchline of a joke I've heard before...but did not remember. Maybe that's why, when I saw the movie "The Sixth Sense", I didn't catch on to the fact that Bruce Willis' character was dead.


My daughter-in-law's sun conure hates me and has attacked me 3 times. Now, when we visit them, the bird has to stay in his cage (which makes him hate me even more). The only consoling thing about it that he feels the same way about her mother! LOL I think he is jealous of anyone who takes her time away from him.


They do seem to get jealous easily, Kenju. We were told they can be very posessive toward certain family members. We thought if all of us simply gave it a lot of attention, we wouldn't have that problem, but it didn't work out that way.

Wordgirl, if it's any consolation, I didn't realize Bruce was dead either!

Goldbloom, that would make a good pic of the two of them together!

Kelli, very sharp, you are. :)


You really had me going...I thought that this was really true until the punch line at the very end...Very well written...I was skunked to the end.


Na... I'd heard it before. :)


LOL Kelli, thought so. it's a take off on an old internet email joke.

Florida Cracker

Oh, not again ...LOL.

It's not my fault, I'm a trusting soul and you have an honest face.

Well, you used to ...

I am still LOL on that one!


Bwahahahaha! Excellent!! Right up to the end!!! :)

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