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November 11, 2006


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SaraSue was the movie??


Sara, I fell asleep midway through it. Ended up going to bed instead! Family watched the rest of it, I'll ask them when they wake up.

The first half was okay. A highly predictable Adam Sandler is suffering from a stressed out, overworked family life and is given a special remote control to fast forward or backspace or program over any part of his life....


Football. Sports. Adam Sandler. I just don't see the attraction. Give me round rocks any time.

Florida Cracker

I liked Click, amongst the wackiness, there was a good message.

When that game ended, I told my wife, Laura will have a Gator post up in about 10 minutes. She and knucklehead were stressing in the last 8 seconds.

I was remarkably calm.


As a Gator fan, by default...that game rocked. It had everything a collegiate game should have. It totally rocked my world. The best part; we won! Thank God!

Bad part: US friggin C moved ahead of us in the BCS...which sucks. I hope that Notre Dame or Cal can kick them sons a bitches hineys!


I hate the Gators, but I hate Spurrier more. ;)


Gypsy, but hasn't he mellowed out in his old age? ;)

Tony, that sucks :((

FC, I almost had the post up within 10 min! LOL.

I can't believe you were calm. ;)

Pablo,(gasp) surely you know, there would be no life without football!

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