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November 23, 2006


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Heeheehee, don'tcha hate it when kids spend all day on the computer? Oh, wait, no .. that's US.

Hope the turkey was moist and the dressing/stuffing so dry you could gag on it ... mmm.


I'm so glad Buddy is feeling better. That had to be so scary!

Isn't it fun "tormenting" kids? :)


Good luck to Justin and the monster! I know how that feels...if I get near the computer with the kids visiting then that means begging to play Nickelodean games online.
Hope your Thanksgiving was as wonderful as it sounds like it was going to be!

Florida Cracker

Good boy Buddy!
Did You kill the giant?


Sounds like a lot of family fun to me...and being an only child and never having had a nephew...I would have enjoyed that.
So glad to hear that Buddy is remaining well.


At my daughter's, I had to wrestle my 7 year-old granddaughter for the use of her computer. Even babies use them these days...LoL


Kenju, I hear ya!! lol...

Thanks, Terri, he's doing much better, it's such a relief!

Crackers, well, I went after the LITTLE giant... he's easy to tackle at this age. Won't be much longer before he can outrun me, however. lol

Thanks Deana, and yes, it was great to see everyone, too.

Kelli, most definitely. ;)

Nils, the turkey was very moist, but I can't stand dry dressing! LOL


I don't allow kids on my computer just for that reason...but I don't have any at home I can say that. hehehe

I see I'm going to have to catch up on my reading to find out what happened to Buddy...but I'm glad he is feeling better anyway.

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