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November 19, 2006


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Sara Sue

Wow! Good for Rick for seeing a doctor, so many won't, ya know!

"No wonder so many men end up thinking with their dic(censored)." <------priceless~!!

Florida Cracker

dichotomous keys?

I don't get it...

Oops, gotta go, the Victoria Secrets catalog just came in the mail.


my second ex had sleep apnea...he ended up having surgery for his


Do women get sleep apnea? And if so, what do they end up thinking with?

Apnea is not all that uncommon - anybody who has lain awake listening to a baby through a baby monitor knows what it sounds like: breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out, bre -- (long pause, parent leaps out of bed and reaches for robe) -- athe in, breathe out ...

In adults, though, it can be dangerous. But then again, so can simple snoring. Ask any man who has ever faced the Serrated Elbows of Doom.


I saw Rosie O'Donnell with a Cpap machine on the view last week. She has sleep apnea and has to wear one. It sure is good that Rick has one and uses it!


I'm not a snorer and there's no family history that I know of, but I've got it, too. I stop breathing 15 to 18 times an hour...sometimes for upwards of 20 seconds and most days I wake up with a horrendus headache.
I go for my second sleep study on the 15th so they can determine what kind of machine is best for me. I'm not lookin forward to it...the first one was awful. But I DO look forward to not being semi-comatose during the day anymore.

At least, I HOPE that fixes the problem. hehe


My MIL has the elephant aparatus. So yes Women do suffer from Apnea. My wife claims I stop breathing a few times in the middle of the night...but then she takes the pillow off of my face.


I'm glad he went through the process and is now onto the c-pap, but I've heard it doesn take some adjusting to for the better half. Mine snores but he had it checked and the doctor says it's because he whacked his nose numerous times playing hockey as a youngster- around here the elephant apparatus consists of my leg whacking him in the back. Works like a charm.
How's the weather? As we get closer to our first really long spell in Florida I just smile thinking about sitting out on the porch and reading and knitting while Chicago digs out.


So he got a bi-pap rather than a c-pap? I have the c-pap and I just have unhook the hose and off I go to let dogs out. Another wonderful side effect for me is that I NEVER have to get up in the middle of the night for pee breaks. I always thought the need to woke me up but rather it was the snoring that woke me up and THEN I needed to go....I am however finding that although I do sleep okay and the people in my home sleep better, I am getting sick of the tube every night LOL but I suppose for my health -- I must.


OMG...I can't imagine having to go through that every single night! I feel sorry for BOTH of you. I can't imagine stopping breathing, sleep apnea is scary stuff. I feel for you. I would so be a bitch or my husband and I would have to have seperate rooms!


Good luck with the machine! I hear they work wonders.

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