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November 27, 2006


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LOL those silly cats! Cute photo!

Sara Sue

No!!!!! Not in the new kitchen??!! Laura, you are a saint for not strangling that damn cat!


Get that cat into therapy! What's wrong with him? Hmmm. Curious. Maybe he's just one of those pissy cats- but usually it's a sign that something is amiss- with bladder or territory or-well, I'm sure you've been through all of that. He looks awfully cute in the bag. And it could be worse for him- you could live in Chicago instead of Tampa. :-)


Pixie kitty is like that, but we find her very quickly because she has the biggest, loudest mouth of any cat, anywhere, ever.
Well, no spraying, but the hiding, yes. Lots of hiding.


The number one reason I'm not at all sad that we no longer have cats in the house.

The number two reason is hairballs.


Awww, poor Ricco. But sounds like he can't behave like a gentleman in the house. What a handsome lookin' fella.


That is too cute! But ewww about the spraying.


Today I went to Bed, Bath & Beyond and Bought A Cat.

..Tomorrow, I shall go to the SPCA and buy two more!


Samantha! Don't you even THINK about it...


Ya know, our new kitten is marked just like Rico! Now I know what he's gonna look like when he grows up. Except for the "male parts"...Big Head Ed is already on the calendar for snipping in February. hehe


I have one tom named Ferbie and he does the same thing...not very often though...But he tries.

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