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November 28, 2006


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Brilliant. And to the diet section, may I just add "... and if someone IS on a diet, and you see them having something that you kinda think isn't on their diet, try this: shut the hell up. They KNOW. They have just decided, for that moment, not to care. If I need your help, you can volunteer to come into the bathroom with me when I purge - otherwise, don't offer."

Every family should have this posted on the fridge. Just not in the way of the food, and I KNOW I'm on a goddamn diet, thank you sooo much.


I like keeping my glass full. And then emptying it and filling it back up...and over and over again until I am at the happy place where I don't hear the cook tell me for the hundreth time that I probably won't like the meal just so I will compliment on what a wonderful meal it was a hundred times over....


we changed the furniture in our living room. My oldest sister came over. looked around and said ,"this is awful you have no character in the room". Not that we asked what she thinks. We still like the way it looks.
Some people get a kick out of putting other people down. It makes them feel superior.


Yeah. Opinions are like assholes...everybody's got one! And I'd wish about 99% were kept to themselves.

I loathe the 'but so-and-so makes it this way'. Well, maybe so-and-so can host next year...until then, STFU!

Tammy~Kentucky Gal had to be at my Thanksgiving Holiday...God love the homefolk but my dear 86 year old Mamaw...oh my goodness...she has always been opinioned but Hubby says it is so bad now it is funny!!
I was sitting in a shaft of sunlight...she told me I was going gray headed...I replied if this strike keeps on I will be white headed before it is over and besides I'm going for the Jamie Lee Curtis which she gave me a blank stare...hehe!!
She spread it around equally with!!!
Laugh and go on!!!


I think I'm very thankful for my family right now -- we don't have any of those! Although we do have the "Ugh, I'm so fat!" or "Oh, I look awful" when it couldn't be further from the truth.

Oh! And my personal favorite. "When are you and Lancelot getting married?"


I will bear this in mind!


Well, that takes all the stuffing out of my Christmas letter.

I'm over to I. Lass to say hello and see what she has on her mind. Good post here, Laura!


I'm thinking my relatives may not be so bad after all ...


My relatives are pretty darn great...those that show up anyway.


Excellent rant!

Pete Dunn

Happy fucking holidays :)

Old Horsetail Snake

I think you covered it quite nicely, Laura.

(P.S. How's the diet coming? Ho ho har de har har. I didn't mean it....)


I should have put a disclaimer in there. Each person that was described is not representative of my family in particular, but of families in general. ;)

Sara Sue

No use trying to smooth it over, Laura. All your relatives are trying to figure out which comment was about them! :)


Saraaaaaaa, nooooooooo. LOl

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