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December 12, 2006


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I've always been a big Bucs fan, but this year, wtf happened? Maybe next year, or 2008, or...Zzzzz!


Strange things can always happen - like the Hawks getting smacked by the Cardinals Sunday! :(


Two problems with the Bucs..the old players are TOO old and the young ones not old enough. They will be back but it is a rebuilding process. I am imprerssed with the running game and the young offensive line. And, some of the young defensive players looked pretty good. But we do need an experienced quarterback and some receivers who can catch..Galloway is getting old and the rest have butterfingers.

Florida Cracker

Man, I wish I could talk sports...


ah ye of little faith Maybe they will whip the pants of the opposing team. (not that I know a darned thing about it)


Mom, isn't that what I just said?

FC... Your wife is always welcome here! LOL ;)

Guy.. GALLOWAY? OLD? He's one of my favorite players, thought he was younger. I'm going to go check his stats....

Seamus, true. you just never know, week to week...

Alexandra, there's always the draft. I'm really hoping they'll turn things around in 2007. Welcome, btw!


What? What is this? Football talk? Yikes... wait, I see something about Butter Cookies further down the page...


I think they're throwing games to get a number one draft pick. Just a thought. Troy Smith? Sounds like a good addition to me! Then, if we totally blow next season Brandon Siler will be available on the other side of the ball! Always thinkin'...that handyman!


I was a Bucs fan for years (born and raised in Philly) until they won the superbowl and then I moved on to other teams (I am funny that way , Still an Eagles fan but now I follow the Saints and Chargers). The real issue for the Bucs this year and for the next two is actually that their Defense is not what it once was...but people still think that the Bucs D will get it done. Including their Offfense. I also think they should let Simms go and stay with Gradkowski. He is more fun to watch.


William, I think Gradkowski's biggest problem is his confidence. He's a rookie and the pressure on him is enormous. Combine that with an aging offense that can't catch the ball and a defense that has had the life sucked out of them.... argh.
How did you survive growing up in Philly as a Bucs fan? LOL I'll NEVER forget the year they went to Philly for the playoffs and everyone said they couldn't play in the cold weather. That was one of the best games ever.
I hear ya on switching teams, btw.
I grew up a Miami Dolphin fan until I got so sick of Miami (the city itself) that jumping ship to the Bucanneers was a no brainer. Shula and the old players had left, I didn't live there anymore and I couldn't stand Jimmy Johnson. Tony Dungy was coaching here at the time. I liked him a lot, even though he couldn't seem to get the job done at the time. He's still very popular here in Tampa Bay. My fav players back then... Alstott, Jurevicious, Lynch, Brooks and Rice and Sapp were the best part of watching the Bucs play on Sunday. I really miss the old crew! But that's the way the game goes. I just realized this was about to turn into a whole other post and I could go on a lot longer...

Tony, totally blow next season? I'm looking for big changes next season, not another brown paper bag season! LOL You're right about the draft though, we need fresh playerss.

Kelli, lol.. no prob. ;)


Don't you people know the football season is over? The B.C. Lions beat the Montreal Alouettes 25 - 14 and won the Grey Cup back in November. Sure, there are the adorable little flurries of football-like games being played in the States, but really - we should all be looking to next season and the rebirth of my beloved Winnipeg Blue Bombers into a winning team.

Go, Bombers!


Football season will be over for me January 8th....When the Florida Gators WIN IT ALL! Go Gators!


Did Nils just mention the Junior Varsity teams to the NFL?
The year the Bucs won the Superbowl was great. I got tickets for when they played Philly that year in the regular season and they lost.(I got the tickets like 6 months before because tickets are hard to come by). I was so happy to see the bucs live. Now I am truly an Eagles fan so the Bucs were my "B" team. I was glad that when the beat Philly in the playofss that they did not lose in the Superbowl.


William, Nils is always going on about junior varsity football. I usually humOR him by just nodding politely while describes the size of the field and how that is somehow more important than the size of our fields. Actually, he did write a book about professional football in Canada, as I understand it. It's called: "The Truth Is, We Can't Play Football..."

Mary!! BIGGEST GAME OF THE YEAR!!! I can't stand it...


I think you've come up with the perfect solution!


I can smile benignly at your "Junior Varsity" jibes, the lot of you. I know the superior game. As Laura says, I actually DID write a book about it - but not with that title.

My next book is about American football. I'm thinking of titling it " 9 - 3? Really? And It Wasn't A Hockey Game?"


"When the Florida Gators WIN IT ALL! Go Gators!"

They may have a shot at it..I have heard that the state has told them that if they win the governor is going to pardon some of the players who now have to get a parole officer's permission to go out of state.

Arm Swiss

Looks great! I found lots of intresting things here. Many thanks.


Thx! :)

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