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December 12, 2006


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You turned to Wisconsin, I turned to Germany! LOL
Treadmill? Wait, they are all vitamins aren't they? ;)


mmmmm coookies. Only eat the broken ones, though. The calories have leaked out.

Like that's a concern for some people. (g)


Does this Wisconsin-mania have anything to do with California threatening to become the new cheese king of the US?


Mmmmm... butter.


Joel, thanks for this link, I really had no idea California (of all places) has taken over Wisconsin's main industry!
Somehow, it just seems...wrong.

Gypsy, for cooking, right? ;)

And that's an urban legend, Nils. I found it out the hard way...

Seamus. I weigh 125. I need to STAY on that treadmill, lol


Oooo... BUTTER COOOOOKIES... Mmmmm. I loves me some butter cookies.


I sooooo printed out that recipe for Chocolate Covered Cherry has everything that a person needs. Cherries? check. Chocolate? check. Cookie? check. Heaven!

Sara Sue

Perhaps you can help me, Ms. L. I just have zero x-mas spirit. I think if you were to send me a tin of these cookies, just a few of each kind, that I might then get in the mood. Better living through butter and all.

In fact, all of your gracious readers who are baking at this time of year could just send me a little cookie love...let me know if you'd like my address.

And may God bless us all during this season of giving!


Perfect. Next week I am planning to be a baking fool. Another great recipe.


Cookies are my favorite food...and anyone who endorses butter is my friend forever!


Oh thank you thank you thank you for the link! I ended up using the lemon ricotta cookie recipe, and I LOVE THEM. Not too sweet, not too tart, and soft in the middle. Mmmm! Good!


The Lemon Ricotta cookies are DIVINE. You must make them. I think I want to make all those cookies!

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