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December 13, 2006


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sounds yummy...and rich, but mostly yummy.


YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


Mmmm, this looks good. Will have to try that! The last thing I baked was a Buzz Lightyear Cake for Sebastian when he turned 5 last month. I made a fast video of the whole thing and posted it on my blog.

Been a while... hope you're doing well and have a fun/safe holiday season!


I tried this and it was AWFUL! It must have been the oil. I used 10W30, but maybe a light crude would have worked better.

Seriously? Sounds delicious. I think I'll give it a go this week. If only I had a new mixer (sigh) ...


Oh I am SO glad I picked up a couple of yellow cake mixes last weekend! I must have known! :P~~

(that's drool.)


Leanne, and the cookies, they are still a'coming! (g) ;)

Nils.. I almost spit my coffee out, LOL.. thanks for THAT good morning laugh.

Seamus and Sandy, yum was right... it's not for the calorie shy, that's for sure. lol

Charles! It has been a long time, I'll head over this evening to catch up. My best to Tess, Sebastian and the trio! Christmas should be fun this year now that the little guys are in charge of things.. right? LOL

Those of you who haven't "met" Charles yet through blogging... he and his wife Tess are Canadians living in Hong Kong with their 4 sons: "big brother" Sebastian and his 3 younger brothers who are triplets. Lots of photos, videos and stories from their international travels as well. Y'all go on and say Howdy!


See, now eggnog in a cake makes sense. Eggs and milk go into cakes. This is Newton's Third Law of Cakes.

The problem is when people insist on DRINKING eggnog. It's eggs and milk whipped together!!
Maybe if I were stranded on a desert island with a cow and a chicken, but only then.

Perhaps the rum is to ensure you do not think too much about what you are drinking.


I saw some cinnamon eggnog at the store...I think I'll try it in this recipe!

Tammy~Kentucky Gal

It sounds good and I'll copy the recipe for later...we have too many sweets around here right now...I'm gonna HAVE to go on a diet when this Holiday is over


That sounds perfectly scrumptious!


Oh, yummy....this does sound great and I'm going to try it out this didn't say what kind of instant pudding. Vanilla?
Thanks for sharing, Laura.

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