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December 19, 2006


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I hear ya on the college forms...major ARRGGHHH moments, but it looks like we are done for this year. Emma got accepted to USF and she and her best friend are already picking out dorm decor.

As for the temps, it's way too warm for the Christmas spirit to crank up to maximum wattage.


It was 75 here yesterday. Maybe Florida is creeping north?

Old Horsetail Snake

If you did ALL your shopping online, you would never see the ignoramus mommies of the world. (You're welcome.)


Kenju, the population of Florida is creeping north, actually. Taxes and insurance are driving us out of here! You never know, we might be neighbors some day. I LOVE the Carolinas!

FC, congrats to Emma!!! When she gets down this way, if she ever gets into a bind, we're just across the bridge (a ways), just keep that in mind!


I just think in general stores should have an FCP (Frigging Cell Phones) Zone. Then, when these dorks NEED to make a call, they're not in anybody else's way and we all don't have to listen to them talk about their hot date last night or some guy asking his wife if there's a difference between cucumbers and zucchinis or their "And I was like omigod and he was like omigod and we were all like omigod". One day, mark my words, we'll all be able to tap these ignoramuses on the shoulder and say "Go to the FCP Zone and get the hell out of my way."

Oh, and could you wrap up maybe ten or twelve degrees of that weather and airmail it? It's frigging freezing here.


Ugh! College forms. I don't have to think about that for another 4-5 years.

I agree. I wish people would pull over in stores, just like they should on the road.


And ... what is "Euwpe"?

Sara Sue

Nils beat me to the question...what is that Euwpe thing?


I couldn't think of a title.

Sara Sue

Aha! I'm gonna try that!


Sara, it works great on occassion. ;)

You can take it a step further and set the letters up so it looks like it's an acronym for something...even when it isn't.

good times!


I could stand some 80 degree weather - shoot I could even be nice to rude people with weather like that! ;)


I can extend that stroller letter to people at Publix with their shopping cars. And people who stop in the middle of the aisle at the mall. Online shopping is the way to go if one can do it!

Yes, this 80* is killer. If it drops 10* and starts raining it'll at least feel more like a Texas Christmas for me. Oh, and add some dead grass and leafless trees too.

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