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December 11, 2006


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I did my cards yesterday too! And the girls Christmas portraits! And got all my Christmassy stuff done, I think - except for the making of the ornaments, and the printing of the portraits for everyone - and the buying of stamps, and the mailing of stuff, and crap.

Now I'm behind again.

Thanks for reminding me.



I happen to know that Vasco da Gama preffered teal stationery to purple, which he considered a bit to prancy for a big-shot explorer. He did, however, wear a purple thong and pumps with 2 inch heels.

Glad to see you're on top of things, darlin' ...


Must be the trend, Jr. was writing a Viking journal last week.

Good progress this weekend on the Christmas front, but I'm not in the clear yet.

How weird, the KitchenAide mixer is on the list...


Our house has been a flurry of seasonal activities. Most of the cards are done and the oven has been in warp drive for the last couple of days.
Creative way of doing the report! :)


I did that same thing for a project once! Burned the edges of parchment paper. Fun times!


I'm working on my cards right now!


Hey, you just have to shop for your gifts. I'm KNITTING mine. Oh, and I have to bake too. Fun, but not at the same time.


I guess I will breakdown and do the traditional cards this week. We just can't get a good shot with the timer and the Labs (especially when we tried for cats too) so I have given photo cards for us! Bummer.
Congrats on being done with yours!


did they catch any fish?


I may not send any cards this year and I don't bake cookies anymore, since my doc told me to quit eating sweets!


Guy, not a damn thing. They went offshore out of John's pass, hub said it was too choppy.
It was choppy back at home, too.

Kenju, i'm sorry, that's hard! :(

Lass, I'm making a few of ours, but since family reads the site, I can't talk about it, LOL.

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