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December 20, 2006


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I have a niece that didn't start to talk until she was five..and once she got stated she still hasn't shut up and she is in her thirties now..I liked her better when she didn't talk


My daughters are 8 and 5 and my son is 2. They sit in the back seat and oooohhhh and ahhhhhh and sometimes if they see a cellular tower with a red blinking light, they ask me if that's Rudolph practicing for Christmas Eve.

I love it.


Carseat conversation memories are the best.

We always tease Emma about not being able to keep a secret since her 5 year old faux pas one Christmas morning. The kids had given me a new computer task chair and it had not yet been opened. As I went to unwrap it, she proudly shouted, "It's a chair!!" And it was.

Now if anyone spills a secret, we all yell, "It's a Chair!"
And then we laugh.
And appear insane.
And each of us is remembering that moment in the past.


My favourite was after going to a Christmas concert, we were driving home. I'd had a soda at the concert, and hey, it was just family in the car, so I let out a big Dad *BURP*.

From the back seat, I hear Erin say "Hands off, girls. He's mine."


Sweet. I remember a floating Santa balloon that Zed got for Christmas when he was about 18 months. It had arms and legs and was weighted to float just above the ground. Zed walked around like it was his best friend. Holiding it's hand, playing with it. Santa also played music. A little tab on his back contained one of those little music players like what are found in Christmas ties. After awhile, Santa played music continually because the tab got stuck and wouldn't stop playing music. Santa stayed with us until about Valentines day. Until the day I cut off his tab and had to beat it with a hammer to stop the music from playing. And then he died the slow deflating death.


that is so SWEET!!!

Old Horsetail Snake

Judging from the picture, you got a right pretty little motor mouth there, Laura.


I love the story and the photos interspersed with angels - but the real angels are in the photos, aren't they?!

Merry Christmas!


Kenju, that's for sure. Thank you!!

You too, Hoss. :))))

Lass, I'm sitting here laughing at your comment, that was hilarious!

Janet, :)

Nils, LOL.. still cracks me up, that story.

FC, Britt is like that, too. That's why I NEVER tell her what I'm getting Samantha for Christmas! LOL

Sandy, too funny! I'd agree with them, of course. I always did tell them Santa was real. ;)

Guy, I have a niece like that.... oppps. ;)


I love that story! Christmas is so about family, love, and memories.

My brother and I were talking the other day about how much it meant to us to get to have the candle burning in our room overnight on Christmas Eve. They were big and glittery and it was the ONLY night we got to keep them lit.

Sara Sue

Laura, you have made me cry! How lovely!


Isn't it wonderful to have good memories tripped this time of year!!! :)

Tammy~Kentucky Gal

Now that is a beautiful display, I don't care who ya are!!


My favorite memory at Christmas is when the kids thought there was a mouse chewing up the presents and came running to tell us. We had put 3 little kittens in a box with holes in it right before they woke up. The kids were so excited.

My second favorite memory was when my son spotted me downstairs putting the presents under the tree. He was so sleepy that he thought I was a Christmas elf. I quickly made my escape and he never knew it was me until he got older and we told him.

Ahhh...the memories we have when we are blessed with children...I could go on and on.
Merry Christmas Laura.


What a great memory and the photos are gorgeous. You have two beautiful daughters. Love how you composed the picture with the light.
By the way....baked the eggnog cake today. It looks great! It smells great! And I'll let you know how it tastes. Thanks for sharing that recipe. (I mentioned you in my post today)
Merry Christmas to you, Laura.

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