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December 29, 2006


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Sara Sue

How fun, Laura! However...the boat looks a little scary.

Congrats to your brother and new sister-in-law! Can't wait to hear about the trip!

Welcome home! I missed ya!


BWAHAHAHAHA! Yeah! I see you hanging over the side! Not seasick? PFFFFTTTTT! Pic says it all!
Welcome back! We do expect lots of pics!


"I wanted to pay the extra $20 to get into first class, with the fancy folding metal chairs. But noooo, he was all "We can stand. It's just four days." And seriously - a worn railing and a piece of rope to hold onto does NOT constitute a "ladies room". No more bargain cruises. Ever."

Heeheehee ... glad you had fun, darlin' ... and welcome back. And see if you can't get your land legs back. We don't need you MORE loopy.


Oh my goodness. There's a population problem on the deck of that boat, you know. I'm glad you had a wonderful time, and I wish you success with your mind over matter experiment. I'm with you on that one today - we've got the same cold.

Hugs, Merry Christmas & Happy Peaceful, calm, sleepy-inny New Year!


I knew we should have used Capital One... (g)


welcome back! Sounds like a great way to spend Christmas :-)

Florida Cracker

Welcome back!


Glad you guys had fun and there was no sea sickness!


LOL - Great boat! The bit about your body moving on it's own made me think of that song from the Rocky Horror Picture Show "'s a jump to the left... then a slide to the right..."

What? Did you think I had a point to this comment or something? ;)

Glad you're back!


With a boat like THAT....NO wonder you're
Glad you had a great time but hope you'll be feeling up to par very soon.
I DID make that eggnog pound cake and it was DElicious! SO moist! I posted about it on Friday, along with a photo.
Here's wishing you a very Happy New Year, Laura and DO get well soon! (No fun bringing in a new year feeling pooky!)

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