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December 06, 2006


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Oh my. I'm sure there's something that could be done with my Egg Nog cookie recipe to make it into cake. Well, try the cookies, definitely! OOOH do this - make the Egg Nog cookies, then get some Edy's Egg Nog ice cream (limited edition, you know), and have an EGG NOG ICE CREAM COOKIE SANDWICH!



I don't see a dlemma at all! LOL
(Of course you should eat the slice)


I say "No witnesses, no sin." You deserve it. If your guilt gets to you, cast your mind back to the last time the subject of room cleaning was raised. And chow down.

Sara Sue

Eat it...but don't blame poor Buddy, sheesh!

Old Horsetail Snake

Waylay yourself: Leave it for Sam; she needs it after working all day. But hurry up and get the recipe and broadcast it all over the Internet, for pete's sake.


she won't believe Buddy would do that knowing he has diabetes. And he has always been an excellently behaved dog. Just send the slice to me.


That's worse than blaming farts on the dog!!!


Did you get it yet? (the recipe)


Oh yeah... eat the cake.


Saturday update...still waiting for the recipe...

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