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January 06, 2007


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The cursor-lingering thing - kewl!

Guess what? Breaking a mirror is only bad luck if you let it be. Imagine you had never heard that before. You wouldn't know to be upset, would you? Foret you ever knew it and your luck will change. I decree it!


damn girl...quick, make you some black eyed peas! Even this northern chick knows that! (


It's blackeyed peas and greens; however it may be too late!
I suggest you dance naked in the moonlight and write your name backwards with fresh chicken blood!
Little Miss Sunshine was wonderful! :)


Yeah, I tried that dancing naked in the moonlight thing once. I gotta say, it works ever so much better for reversing bad luck if you happen to live in a rural area. In an urban centre, it tends to bring you luck in the form of a guest appearance on "Cops" and a cellmate named Bubba or LaVonda who thinks you're "real purty".

Try dancing naked in the bedroom. In my experience, that offers a much better chance of getting lucky.

We rented Little Miss Sunshine on the same night you did, and it was delightful - I love movies with "moments".


Ahh you've joined the Snap phenomenon. LOL Welcome! We're a strange but curious bunch, you'll fit right in. ;)

I don't know what to tell you about changing your luck. I think it's just the moon, personally, it's been full for over a week. Wierd things are happening everywhere!


I have to agree with Leanne....I think it's simply the "moon" thing. So hold on....this too shall pass. (hopefully for
That Snap thing on the blogs is really cool. I thought about doing that too....and then changed my
Here's wishing you better days ahead and if that doesn't could always put yourself into a tunnel and just isolate.


All right, Janet, thanks for the recipe link. I think I'll cover all the bases.

Tonight I'll dance naked in the light of the full moon, after eating black eyed peas and pork, and at the same time, I'll refuse to accept the bad luck that has befallen us and turn it into something positive.
But I aint showing you all the video...(g)


I think tom cruise is good in all his movies, but his personal life is crap. Dancing on Ophra's couch claiming, "I'm in Love" ye gods, he is not a teenager... and butting his nose into Brookes depression.. what the hell does he know about that?..How many babies has he delivered? He has been acting like a juvenile freak.
As for the bad luck streak. Life sometimes sucks! face it, complain, cuss and move on. And don't wonder what will happen next cause something surely will. For us, the damned car won't start!


Mom, some of us choose to blog about it in a humorous fashion instead. That works alot better than taking these types of things too seriously. I don't blog about the more serious things going on around here.
Hope you get your car working.


I'm just checking my Book of Spells. I think for "car not starting", you need to dance naked in the moonlight with a cell phone and the number of a good mechanic.


LOL Nils, that'll bring 'em out!


Update: Hub's truck broke down on the way to work this morning. It is being towed home as I type this.

so much for hoping for better luck, lol.


I wasn't specific. It was YOU who had to do the nekkid moonlight dancing, not Rick! NOW look whatcha done!


I think he did the wrong dance, too. I'll have to go out on the street at moonlight tonight and fix it...


*rummaging* I just KNOW I had night vision goggles around here somewhere...

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