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January 07, 2007


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Florida Cracker

Yes! Kids need to cook beyond the microwave!
Spaghetti is a perfect starter meal and the ground sirloin is a much healthier choice than "ground beef". Those are all good lessons... good bonding time too.

Check out the cinnamon glazed pecan recipe at Perfect for what you are doing.

I'm grilling sirloin steaks today... pretty typical Dad cookin'.


I am seldom active in the kitchen. I was never interested in learning to cook. My mom was a world-class cook of basic, southern-style foods, and I didn't try to learn from her when I had the chance. Stupid me. Good thing your kids don't share my attitude. Of course, in the years since then. I have learned how to cook a few things that don't get sent back....LOL


You sound like such a good cook. You know it was amazing how much the things mom taught me as a kid and teen about cooking came back to me once I started really getting into it in my later adult life. So you are doing the right thing.


When I was young, my Mom went into hospital for six months with Tuberculosis. When she came out, she said "there are going to be changes around here." She began to teach us all to cook - basic cuisine, learning the techniques, nothing too fancy. I promptly forgot all of it ... I thought.

Now, I'll often find myself cooking and those lessons, learned so long ago, leap back into my head. This morning, I was breaking some eggs into a bowl and a piece of eggshell fell in. I told my daughter to fish it out while I grated some cheese. She fished around with a spoon, but couldn't get a handle on it. So I grabbed a broken shell, dipped, and out it came, easy as anything.

"Wow ... where'd you learn that?" she said.

I thought for a second and realized I hadn't ALWAYS known that. I had learned it, from my Mom, 40-some years ago.

Not sure how rewarding (or even how possible) it will be to teach an adult basic kitchen skills. But what you're giving your kids will last them a life time. And years from now, when they do something in the kitchen that makes their children's eyes, pop, and their kids ask where they learned it, they can smile warmly at memories of this time in their lives and say "Umm ... Rachel Ray, I think."


Wow Laura - what an ambitious undertaking! I learned how to cook early, mostly cause I want to cook it my way! LOL! Seriously, mom taught me a lot! :)


mmm, a recipe post, love it! I like your story about your daughter making the sauce...awesome :-)

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