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January 24, 2007


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Idol tryouts are a total waste of time, and I still watch, just to see how many people out there have too much confidence and not enough talent. Watching an hour of that will definitely make you happy to be who you are.


Ha, the first few weeks of AI are the only ones my husband will watch because they're "entertaining." I think they're horrible, especially this year. They can tell people "no" without making fun of them but of course then they wouldn't get the ratings they do - very sad! I love Emeril! I also love lobster but I have to say, the one time friends cooked lobster for us at their house - with them live just seconds before they went in the pot - I didn't enjoy it. I don't like my food quite that fresh.


never watched Idol never will the reviews make me sick.
I keep imagining what the lobsters feel when dunked in that boiling water! Horrible.
As for Sam, naturally her boyfriend is perfect. she picked him. LOL


I HATE the first few weeks of idol -- I don't watch it until hollywood week!! They rarely show the good ones and the bad ones make me cringe so bad that I get a headache :)


Good Momma for checkin' on those boyfriends.

I've never seen Idol so I don't have a clue as to when it's watchable.

My son is as addicted to his Myspace as I am to my Blogger. Oh why did I think it was cute to start them off early with email addresses years ago? Now I have to share the PC.

Your lobster story is timely. We're studying crustaceans in Marine Science and I always bring in a live Maine lobster for the day. I keep it alive in a saltwater aquarium, take it out so they can see, touch, and get to know it.
Then I take it home and my wife eats it.
She loves this chapter.


"FOR the record, the guy she's dating is a nice guy."

really now? you've never told me that. lol


Apparently, it doesn't hurt at all to put the lobsters into boiling water. You know, unless you splash some up on yourself.

Or on a stray boyfriend or two. I always believed in trial by fire ...


The other day, I was a bit bored and went looking up the name of an old boyfriend (we're talking from 28 years ago).
Even found a picture, rather grainy, but still showed his aging and weight gain.
My curiosity got the better of me, so I poked around the website which held the picture.
It seems these days he is a minister, which explains the picture of him standing at a podium. The father of three sons, same as me. Married a gal he met in college, same as me.
I studied the picture a little longer. He shaves his head and has a goatee, same as my husband.
We're living parallel lives, 3 states apart.

And if I ever again see him in real life, I'll spit on him.

Or maybe toss him into a vat of boiling water like a lobster.


Uumm, wait, I am the Mother of three sons.
You get the idea....


Mrs DoF... that comment was PRICELESS! LOL

I hear ya, believe me. I'd like to throw a certain person in with the lobster water, too. LOL

Nils, I'd agree. Or trial by boat trips. Those one way trips work wonders...

Sammie, pfft. This won't be the last time!

FC, tell me, do you keep the seaweed in there to keep him "happy?"

Sue, I can't sit through an episode either. I dont see the point in watching so called "judges" rank people who make fools of themselves.

Mom, they don't feel "happy," that's for sure.

Katherine, the only way I like my lobster is brought to me already steamed, with the blissful ignorance that what happened a few minutes earlier....just didn't happen!

Kenju, I still think I sing better than half of them when nobody is in the house to hear me sing. (g). And yet you'd never catch me on stage, LOL


I only managed to catch one night of Idol, and I swear that the guy they were interviewing was mentally retarded. I felt awful for the guy. And the 'bush baby' and 'fat pants' guy...I don't think their IQ is in normal ranges either. Nick thinks these people are getting exactly what they be on TV. But I think the show producers are taking advantage of people. A person that knows better is one thing, but when I question a person's mental status, and they're making fun of them, that doesn't sit well with me.


You know my thoughts on
Bravo to you for being such an involved mom. I did chuckle though that you had the wrong Hey, I used to listen in on my teen daughters phone calls. And never felt ONE ounce of guilt....a mom has to be twenty steps ahead of them.

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