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January 29, 2007


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Hmmm... Anything seaside.

Hey, we have a major freeze event forecast for tonight.
Adios banana trees ...

John Tilton

Well, you could alway jump in on the Weekend Words! ;)

These are beautiful shots, BTW.

Sara Sue

Gorgeous!! I'd like to see some pictures of that asking too much??


Oh, Laura... you know what I need? Warmth, sunshine... it's been a long time since I was in Florida, and the weather here just plain sucks.

Can you take a picture of "Florida" for me?


I forgot to say how spectacular that bee macro shot was!


Bee-ootiful picts! And whatever you shoot will be fine by me - I've learned to just let artists do what they want and you get wonderful results.


they sure look busy! very nice pictures!!


My gosh, those are wonderful...! Made me forget everything else... which is a Good Thing... LOL!

What to shoot? Um... I like doorways and windows. Pedestrian, eh? ;)


Beautiful pictures as always! Alligators and crocodiles? Do you have any of those? Anything you photograph will be very cool and very good I'm sure.




Anything you want to show me is fine! The bees are magnificent!


FC, I took a bunch of pics on the beach today. I'll post those during the week. THanks for the suggestion, I needed to get back to the shore again! Glad you liked the bees, I was trying to get them to pose for a face shot but they were too ornery to oblige. ;)

John, I might try the Weekend Words next weekend! thanks :)

Sara, I'd love to get a good dolphin shot. They tend to time their appearance so that just as the camera gets into focus, they're underwater again.

Kelli, sunshine photo is coming right up. Can't take a pic of the warmth just yet. We tend to get a wet cold breeze down here. Miami though, is nice and warm.

Nils, LOL.. ok ok ;)

Usice.. thanks :)

Deana We typically have alligators in our area. A few crocs, but they're not that common. I'll take a look at some lakes near me and see if they're interested in posing. ;)

Pablo and Kenju, thanks! LOL


Pam, windows and doorways? perfect!! coming right up! I should have that up in a few days. I've also got one from the Bahamas that I'll show you.


Eeek. Bees scare me. I stay far far away from anything with a stinger.


holy geez! AWESOME shots!

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