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January 13, 2007


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Tammy~Kentucky Gal

Wow...that bathroom really needs some TLC!!


You use the stick for beating back the cats ...?

Wow ... lotsa work to be done ... but given your history, the room will be a showplace when you're done.

Pace yourself ... ;)

Florida Cracker

Yup, that's an ugly, ugly bathroom.

The stick could be to:
a) prop open a window since '70's era bathrooms might be lacking a fan.
b) to stop the drain.
c) to knock a few more tiles out until they are all gone.

Reading about the work you and Rick have done, I'm just in awe of your skills. It's really impressive, and like Nils, I know the results of this job will be amazing.
Your essay also helps me to place your location ... don't worry, just generally and I'm not an internet axe murderer.
Is Silas Dent still around?


FC, I had never heard of Silas Dent until you mentioned him. I just googled his name, and wow! What a history the ol' guy had. I'll have to take a look around and see if the restaurant is still up and running. How'd you know about him? LOL.

And thanks for your compliments, Nils and FC. Rick is the main contractor here, I do the design and the grunt work. It keeps me muscular. lol

Nils, pacing myself? where to start?! lol

Tammy, needs t-l-c and m-o-n-e-y... lol. so much for the timing.


Ouch, that is awful! There was a show on HGTV for ailing bathrooms, but I don't think it's a contest. Oprah had one once, so maybe you should email her.


I know that room! How'd it get to Florida? ;)

Florida Cracker

You're making us wait on the stick answer, right?

I ate at Silas Dent's years ago when Mrs. FC was down there for a nursing conference. They had a mango sherbert that was pretty yummy.


Um, wow... those are some KILLER "BEFORE" pics you have there. I LOVE the tile you have picked out! I wouldn't even know where to start in that bathroom... good luck guys!

I think you use the stick to pry off more bathroom wall. :)


It never fails that everytime I plan a nice spurge for the house it decides on it's own what I will and will not be doing next. This week my washer button just broke off.


Oh my gosh, we had exactly the same problem with the tiles and drywall in our bathroom... hubby repaired with caulk instead of duct tape, though. It's been like that for a couple of years and we FINALLY have some people coming to give estimates on the repair work tomorrow. Because we want to sell the house this year. But we can't, with that mess. Thanks for the glimpse of what we have to look forward to!!


who is Silas Dent?


Yeek! That's almost as bad as mine. I'm going to have to put Nick up on that TLC show about the lazy remodelers. I can't get him to touch it. Grrr. I can't wait to see how gorgeous it will be when it's all done!


Mom, he was an ax murderer and Florida Cracker ate at his restaurant, once. ;)

Monique, good luck with your reno! We're about to knock out walls and enlarge the bathroom. ugh. Caulk wouldn't have held our tiles up because the cement board behind the wall was crumbling, Previous builders did shoddy worksmanship the first time around...way back in the 70's! lol.

Lass, I hear ya on that. We should go get a beer sometime and talk about it LOL

Deanna, that never fails. Just before we left for vacation last year, things began to break around here, too.

Kelli, thanks.. hoping the tile looks as good on the wall as it does in my mental picture of it. They don't often coincide.


You use the stick to fish toys out of the toliet huh?


one more thing. I have an uglier bathroom than that. 1 is a few yrs old, the other is original 1957, with 70's wall paper, far out!! but the tiles are still on the wall. The floor is missing a few, guess they got fed up and walked away.


Ed, Ed... I'll go into a photo battle with you to prove ours is uglier. The loser has to pay for remodeling... (g)

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