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January 10, 2007


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On behalf of the Internets, we'd just like to say "Thanks" for taking our share of bad luck recently. I say that because nobody thanked me when I chopped off my thumb, and I thought if I could absorb that lil bit of bad karma for the universe, the least someone could do was express gratitude.

So, thanks, and let's figure out whose turn it is now. I have some ideas ...


Well see? Just when you thought things were bad, they were SO bad that they could ONLY get better! And it worked! VOILA!



Perhaps the question should not be, "How long has he been doing that??? but when is she doing that in her grooming cycle!!! ;)
I'd wish you luck but I'm afraid your Gators have used it all up for now - bwahahahaha!


Laura, thanks for the mention and the link. I always think that a positive attitude can swing the day in another direction! You said you mentioned me twice and I can only find this link. Maybe I'll poke around some more, but I can't imagine missing it, unless Bloglines lied and didn't tell me you had a new post...LOL


Lord girl, please forgive me for being a Gator hater ;) I'm sorry the luck has been running against you, but I can use the break!


Does the bad luck fairy hop back and forth between Tampa and here? Emma just called with a car that won't start.


I really believe positive energy can change the world... it just doesn't work on my thighs... ;)


LOL Pam, good one!

I knew I shouldn't have posted about bad luck. Hope Emma is ok!

Poopie, once you believe in the Gators, all your luck will be restored!! (g)

I went back to correct my comment at Judys.

Seamus, I was drinking coffee when I read your commment. Lost my taste for it afterward... yechhh. yeah, just how long have I been drinking bits of leftover cat litter??

I thought those were toast crumbs in the bottom of my cup.

And you're gonna jinx your own team by talking trash about us Gators during our honeymoon phase, you know. ;)

Leanne, fer sure!

Nils, that wasn't bad karma, that was pure idio... er, never mind. (g)
But in all sincerity, I am glad your thumb has healed!!


The cool weather does feel good, huh? As long as my 'maters' don't freeze...


Positive thinking helps?

Love the cat story.

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