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January 15, 2007


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Florida Cracker

Back when we had carpet, I tried spraying the wife's perfume on a kleenex and vaccuming it up. It did actually scent the room.
Was I trying to cover up diaper pail or doggie odor? .... it escapes me now.

No A/C and no heat today, just windows and the screen door.

I totally missed the stick answer!


The only time I get to go to the bathroom alone is when the cats are outside. Otherwise, it's the two of them, looking to be petted, and licking my legs.


I win! I guessed it was for beating back the cats!

No A/C here ... all buttoned down for the first real storm of the winter. Both woodstoves are running full bore and the house is as cozy as can be.

As for coming into the bathroom when I'm in there ... well ... cats and dogs have a keen sense of smell. For some reason, that tends to discourage them from joining me.


I love that new header! She looks like she saw the bird and is trying to run away through the water screaming LOL!


First of you really have your a/c on down there? To answer your question....I have neither on and haven't for a couple weeks. Haven't had the a/c on for ages. It must be a lot warmer down in your area than up here on the island.
And yessss.....Whenever I go into the bathroom, I usually have Animal Kingdom in there with me. The critters.....not the tv show!


Terry, yes, the a/c has been on a few weeks now. It's definitely warmer down here than up in North Fla, unfortunately.

Janet, LOL.. I hadn't thought of it that way! The little girl was throwing bread up in the air to feed the birds at the time.

Nils, that must be really cozy with the woodstoves going.
And I hope y'all have good ventilation in the bathrooms, LOL

Kenju, do you ever find yourself sneaking in? ;)

FC, still those were great answers. I used to use the same stick to hold the windows open in th eliving room because those windows don't work, LOL.
I've used fabric sheets in the vacuum with some success. Probaly just need to use more of the lemon balm leaves, or crush them up a lot more.
And I'll bet anything it was the diaper pail. LOL


You're running the AC and my gas bill was over $400 - mostly because of the greenhouse - AND you're playing chess with your plants while mine are on deaths door despite the greenhouse heater's OT! Harrumph!

The Buffledog's happy place is in the bathroom - right in front of the toilet! We've discovered new gymnastic moves - LOL!

BTW - I have complied! :)


Seamus. Buffledog would get stuck if he tried to squeeze through the door to our bathroom, LOL. Doubtless he'd take up most of the floor!
Buddy sleeps in there every night, as he likes the cold vinyl floor. I've bought him two dog beds over the years and he wouldn't sleep on them... so the cats used them instead.

I'd send you some tomatoes but first I have to see if they'll grow..

Terri, if you're reading this, It will be 81 degrees today! :(


We are running the heater and it is veeery cold here. Brrr!

Our dogs do not follow us in to the bathroom. Sometimes they follow me, but they just kind of hang out at the threshold to see if I'll invite them in. But I just close the door and they go away.


Love the stick; I need one! Zoe does, on occasion, follow me into the bathroom... but usually she wants something specific. It's not an adoration thing... ;)


The AC's been running here for quite some time now. It's 78 degrees outside right now. I hate the warm weather, but the good side is that it's been so warm that my pepper plants have actually been producing peppers...But it is weird when you see the flowers blooming and the honeybees coming alive in January, eh?

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