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January 26, 2007


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Awwwwwwwww! That's just too adorable for words.


Oh my goodness... those are some of the best "buddies" pictures I've ever seen. You captured them perfectly, Laura.

I would use that last one as my computer desktop for quite a while if I were you.


Aaww, so cute together. Totally opposite of the old phrase "fighting like cats and dogs"


Delightful! Two old buddies is right. This is a lovely series of photos, Laura. So, I gather Rico got to spend the last two nights in? I still smile as all my neighbors keep remarking on the cold. Laawwry, the garden helper, was whining that it was too cold to spread mulch yesterday at 58 degrees; it was 2- two!-in Chicago so I'm basking down here.

Rico- how do you keep the fleas off him? Our two fur buddies are struggling for the first time ever with fleas down here- and we've used some variation of Top Spot.

I'm off to show these photos to Rich.


These are beautiful... and moving...


My heart is melting. What beautiful pictures. Thank you :)


great photos. Buddy is a great dog.
Vicky, I have a flea problem too all my neighbors do. My vet said he puts frontline on his pets neck and the base of the tail and that seemed to help his pets. Hasn't worked on my dog or cat. I bought a can of raid flea spray and sprayed the carpets before we went to bed. It helped , but you need to keep the pets off the carpets till the spray dries. I use a flea comb on the dog.. helps. but not on the cat.


Awwwww, I'm tearing up in spite of myself. They look so sweet together.


Awww! Thanks Laura. That really made me smile. :) Very endearing.


Buddy is a saint.
He's got great teeth too for an elder dog.
Those are sweet photos, Laura. Good job capturing the moment.

Fleas, (from a dog perspective)... I don't have a cat.
Adams is a great flea shampoo.
The heartworm pills how have flea control also... do cat's take heartworm pills?
Advantage seems to help keep them at bay.

Sara Sue


I simply cannot figure out why you aren't making a living with your photography. These are some of the best shots I've EVER seen! The "AWWWWs" were pouring out over here!


Thanks everyone. I think this is my favorite of all the photos i've taken of them together. And uh.. there are alot of photos. LOL

Vicky, I use Revolution on Buddy, and Capstar tablets when the fleas get too bad. Revolution takes care of fleas, heartworm, ticks, mange and earmites. Capstar is a pill they can take on a daily basis once in a while. That is, you'll give it to them if you suddenly find yourself with a flea invasion from hell, after you've already given the once a month treatment. It helps to bring it under control again.

I have used it on Buddy without any side effects. It can be used on cats as I understand it, but so far, I haven't used anything on the cats at all. In fact, Buddy usually goes an entire winter without any flea control whatsoever. But not this year.
We've had such a warm winter that the flea population has exploded. I'll ask my vet to use on the cats if it comes to that point.

FC mentioned Adams and I second that one. We used Adams flea shampoo at the vet hospital I worked at a LONG time ago, and it worked better than any flea shampoo on the market. Of course, if you don't get them off the carpet, new ones will hop right back on the pet again.
Treat the yard for fleas as well. and FC, yes, cats get heartworms and there is a preventative for them also. I just haven't gone that route with my cats.


Oh, Laura....what precious photos! That Buddy is one special dog and I can't get over that smile on his face.
They both remind me of Holly with the kittens....they're constantly snuggling with her. It's such a peaceful feeling to see animals doing this. I love it, so thanks for sharing these great pictures. You really captured the love!

Old Horsetail Snake

Those are TERRIFIC photos Laura. Tenkuberrymudge.


Oh. My gosh. Urge to paint - incredible. What a precious moment, you should blow that up poster size and frame it!


Buddy looks SO much like our Belle! Our cat, Elvis, does the same thing to Belle :)
Sweet pics, Laura! Have a great weekend :)


Wow! What a wonderful moment to capture.
They are beautiful.
Thank you for sharing them.
Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) hugs
(")_ (")Š from
the Cool Raggedy one


Those are so sweet. Dale, the oldest cat, still misses Lilly so much. She tries to get the pups to lick her but they're just a bit hyper for that!


OMG, soooooooo cute!!!


These photos are priceless. You should win awards for these.

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