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February 08, 2007


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That is VERY funny. Unexpected. Thanks for the laugh. (i have three dogs)

Florida Cracker

Well, if it wasn't Buddy, then you should get a discount.


Very funny. I distinctly remember your stink butt dog named Sarge. Boy, he could blow them but good. His only shortcoming, thankfully, but one that could empty a room fast.


Come on, 'fess up. You're just making a smoke screen for forgetting to take your Lacatutin.


Isn't that the point of having a dog around? So that you can blame him/her for all the obnoxious smells that come along?

I think the dude was scared of the dog, but was probably relieved that the dog later got blamed for the lack of decorum.

I think the DUDE did it!


Oh, don't you ALWAYS blame it on the dog? See, that's the only problem with having cats; there's no one to blame!


I don't trust people that don't like my dawg..


Hah. You should have asked the sales guy if it was him.


Wait... do you mean that sometimes it's NOT the dog?!


Wrigley has the most repugnant butt ever. There's no mistaking her gas from people gas.


lmao here!
Fantastic post!

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