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February 06, 2007


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"I TOLD ya to bang a left and head east! We're in TAMPA, not MIAMI!"


blah blah blah!!!


Dangit, will you please send them home? I've been looking everywhere for those little boogers.


Oh and here's my caption:

Fred: "That groundhog said we should go back NORTH now, Ethel. Let's get a move on, you know it's going to take a few weeks to get up there!"

Ethel: "I'm NOT GOING! It sucks up there, it's TOO COLD! I'm staying RIGHT HERE. Go on without me!"

Fred: "That's it! I'm leaving you for a House Sparrow! At least they're reliable!"


But it's not fair! All the other robins are doing it! I want to pierce my wings too!


Picture 1: If I've told you once, I've told you a hundred times, do NOT talk with your mouth full

Picture 2: Now go to your back talk, young lady (man??).

Can you tell I'm going through that phase with my little one????


"I told you we should have waited for the kids to catch they're lost somewhere in Kentucky."

We have also had a flock of Robins in our back yard and what a surprise to them to wake up to snow on the ground.

Old Horsetail Snake

Picture No. 1: "No, your teeth look fine. How do mine look?"

Florida Cracker

Top picture:


Nils Ling

Top photo:

"Tastes great!"

"Less filling!"

"Tastes great!"

Less filling!"


"why did we have to come here again. we were here last year and the years before"

They were here too. Hundreds flew over head, but did not stop to visit us. I turned the sprinklers on because they always loved that, but not a one came down to drink or play in the water. I was so disappointed. We even kept the cat inside.


Those are wonderful photos - so clear and sharp! The other comments are really funny.....LOL


"OMG they must be married"

Beautiful pictures.
Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) hugs
(")_ (")Š from
the Cool Raggedy one


What incredible pics.


"I am a Robin Red Breast."

"Heh Heh Heh. You said Breast."

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