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February 20, 2007


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Hmmm. I might give that a try...your way...minus the celery (gag me!) and zucchini (double gag me). Then it'll way! :)

Hope mom feels better after your yummy chicken soup!


LOL Lass, be my guest! that's the way to do it! Actually, I think it's got a lot of options, such as working garlic into the flavoring, adding corn or potatoes, etc.

Nils Ling

Yummmm ... it sounded delicious yesterday and more so now that the ingredients are clear. But ... am I right in thinking that's a typo under "arrange" ... when you bake at 375 degrees for 3 minutes?


ack! I'll change it. The Recipe said for 8 minutes, helluva typo. I don't know why they said to "arrange" it.


This sounds good ... minus the zuchini.

Clever use of a rotisserie chick.


*hesitantly raises hand*

Um, what's a jelly roll pan?


That looks very good! I applaud you for cutting out so much butter and flour! I have my mom's recipe for cornbread, which called for 1/3 cup of melted Crisco. I made it this week with olive oil instead, and it was great! The fact that it is healthier this way makes me happy! Of course, I slather it with butter and jam anyway......LOL

sara sue

Man, that soups sounds sooooo good!!

This link if for CircusKelli


You are making me hungry for chicken soup and it isn't even six AM! Sounds very good.


A jelly roll pan is a wide flat pan with about a half inch lip. Think cookie sheet with a short lip all around.

Why do I know stuff like this?

Must check testosterone level...

sara sue

Ms. Laura, are you ok? Haven't heard anything from you in a while now. Hope all is well and I miss ya!


In other words, missy, you didn't follow the recipe. Yours sounds better. Post again, please. Unless you are busy enjoying this glorious weather.


Several of us here could use that right now! :)

Pssstttt! I'm done! You done? ;)



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