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February 04, 2007


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Florida Cracker

He really is the master.
Thanks for sharing that.


"....sucking chest wounds....."? Oh, Lord!

I have been to Miami 3 times and never had a problem, but that was a while back. We barely left South Beach at the time.


It is at this time that I will confess to being a little spooked when I traveled to Miami by myself last October. I've grown up in the suburbs in the Midwest, for Heaven's sake, and I will admit to being a little skittish after dark while I was there. I did, however, have a good time there. I wouldn't mind going back someday... like tomorrow, for example. Tomorrow in my neighborhood, it is supposed to be in the negative numbers (that's below zero) here BEFORE figuring in the windchill for that lovely "what it feels like" temperature.

I'm, of course, cheering for da Bears...


Oh, AND... I love that new picture up top. LOVE IT.


Thanks, Kelli! that weather sounds nasssty. :(

Kenju, the operative sentence there was "we barely left South Beach..." ;)

FC, sounds like he hasn't changed a bit since his recent hiatus!


I love the picture.
Good game. I watched the whole thing. glad not to be in that rain,but wish it was here instead of there. we really need it.
We are freezing too. must be at least 69 out there and no sun.. (ok lousy joke)

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