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February 05, 2007


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let me go take some tile pictures to update this. brb!


I watched it for a few moments...then the german shepherd puppy pooped and I changed channels ;-)

Love the nautilus in the tile!


Love your tile! (We went through that last June throughout the entire house) They do tend to look all alike until you lay them out as you did. Looks great!
I DID watch the Puppy I was mesmerized (little things for little minds) but thought the same as you, "what are they supposed to be doing?" Silly me....they were doing what humans need to do more of....just plain enjoying life and having fun.


PS.....almost thought I was at the wrong place. Love your new header!

Nils Ling

Your reno schedule exhausts me ... I mean, you always do great work but Jaysus ... don't you ever just sit back and say "OK, let's enjoy this room for a week or two"? LOL

And the new masthead? God, you're talented.


House Renovations? what's that?
We've lived here almost 24 years and the same wallpaper is still in the kitchen. If I think a minute, I can tell you the color, but would have to go look to say the pattern.
Our house keeps the 0 temp weather out. And provides electricity for looking at glowy screens.

The new pikcher for the header is beautiful.


Love the new picture! I want to walk into it right now!

Renovations? I fear I may never get any, but I do have a bug up (you know where) to remove the kitchen wallpaper and paint everything. It may pass before I get around to it....LOL

Sara Sue

Gorgeous! Both the new header and the tile!


I am sure you know what you are doing with the tile, but Before you start putting them down or Up...make sure they all come from the same Batch code. I got screwed when I did our floor because some tile was just a tiny bit bigger than others (different batch) I did not realize it until it was too late.


Love the fossil look tile.
Not much delay between projects down there.


My tile is still sitting, unhappily, in a stack in the garage. I swore I'd work on my bathroom this weekend. That didn't happen when the plumbing decided to go all to hell again. THIS weekend I WILL work on it. And so will Nick. Whether he likes it or not.


Oh, and I meant to add that I LOVE the tile that you've picked for your backsplash. I think it'll look mahvelous darlink!

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