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February 13, 2007


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Nils Ling

Gorgeous. I bet it smells amazing ... and you picked it just for ME? Awww, how sweet. (g)


I'd like a rose bush. I'd like a garden. It seems no matter what I plant, it's not enough for my beds. I expect them to grow and spread, but it just doesn't happen.




ooh such a pretty rose!


If your northern readers only knew how difficult it is to grow roses in fungusy Florida.
They'd really be impressed.

It's beautiful.


When you say "oh my gosh" out loud looking at a picture it means it is pretty darned good! What a flower and what a shot!


I have roses, but not this variety. They're currently covered with about a foot of snow so this is a very welcome gift to see such beautiful color today. Great shot!

Tammy Kentucky Gal


sara sue

It's so beautiful!


Just stopped by to thank you for caring for our robins for us while we are snowed in. (Sorry they are such messy critters.)
We will take them off your hands again in another month or so.
Love the flower!


oooh I can smell it from here. Yum!


Beautiful! I love the contrasting colors. I'm eager to see more garden photos here as I've been working away on my own. Learning to garden here in Florida is a whole new experience, very different from mid-western gardening.


Uh, I'd like to order 3 dozen for my next wedding, please?


Please tell me where I can get a rose like that? What kind is it?


Laurie, you can get one on my deck... Actually, I've had it about 5 years now. It's from the Henry Weeks line of roses, sold at Home Depot. I paid a little more but I think the results were worth it. This particular one is called George Burns Rose. I guess that's why it will never die.. lol

Kenju, how about three instead? :) That's all I have at the moment!

back to watch the gator game...


That rose is beautiful!


That was me waving from level 3, row 4!

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