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February 03, 2007


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While I am sure this bird is a nuisance, it is remarkable to be able to see one so closely. And your HDADD cat is hilarious!

Florida Cracker

Cats roll in the dirt?
Did Buddy teach him that?

Nils Ling

I think Zoey is just saying "Damn morbidly obese fish can fend for themselves." In fact, I think he was probably going out to chat with the egret, perhaps offer protection in return for he, Rico, and Percy getting part of the catch.

Just for the record, this morning I woke up to -33 temps with a windchill of -43. Florida - super-cell hurricanes and all, looks pretty damn good right now.


I am surprised that Zooey even tried to stalk the bird. The egret is so big, he could do serious damage with that beak!


You captured some great shots. And I love your Zoey....laid back. My kind of

Sara Sue

Zoey is too funny! I know this bird is a big pain in your a*&, but I think he's gorgeous too! Great pictures (as usual) and try as I might, I don't see a speck of dirt on those windows woman!


At least Zoey tried. That is one very large bird, tho.


Great post. I loved the pictures.
I hope Zoey isn't rolling in the bird droppings.
I can see your save the fish operation going into full swing soon. That is a large bird.
Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) hugs
(")_ (")Š from
the Cool Raggedy one


Reminds me of my cat Leo, except he's been stalking a mouse for a month! The mouse comes to eat out of our sunflower seed bag and Leo watches at the sliding door and he finally figured out he would watch it longer if he didn't hit the window with his paw!


Great pictures Laura!
Our cats roll in the dirt in the summer months, but I had one come home covered in ashes once or twice. And NO!!! the cat didn't get to come inside either for a couple of days.

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