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February 02, 2007


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Local news web sites are so hard to navigate. I can never find stories they mention or links for that matter. Must be why I don't frequent them.


People look at me weird, but I NEVER use the pen at public places...libraries (you know, that convenient box of pencils and paper provided by the computer), grocery store, doctor's office. I have a purse FULL of pens. Hope you feel better soon!


I should have thought of that pen thing yesterday, when I was at the docs. Oh well. Get better soon!

The weather struck here yesterday but no real damage. Just lots and lots and lots of rain and frightened doggies.


Okay here, but that was really the most incredible rain I've ever seen. Sounds as though Lake Cty got hit the hardest. We're just WET this morning. Thanks for the eFlorida coupon tip.


A few years ago, somebody gave me a pen which declared that it killed germs while sitting in the holder, so the user should never fear for cross contamination.
I did not like the surface of the pen because it was difficult to grip, and I kept thinking the chemicals embedded in the plastic might cause more of an allergy problem for me than any flu germs lurking.
I also have a pocketful of pens in my purse, even in several colors of ink.
Yes, I prefer to use my own, and usually do.

My husband is the domain owner/website administrator for 3 businesses. Many are the hours he uses trying to make it clear to the store manager that ease for site navigation is much more important than having sparkly ads and too much information on one page.
I'll send him the link to this post. Maybe he can put it under their noses as proof that customers do have problems.


Back- re skin cancer. Really- you hit your mid 40s and the dermatologist becomes your best friend. I have that pale Irish complexion and after two bouts of basal cell on my face and one on my leg I go through life screaming, "Sun Screen! Hat! Get that spot looked at!" There's nothing quite so humbling as having a TOTAL body check with a magnifying glass but it's important. I'm lucky it was just Basal Cell Carcinoma but it still meant having my face carved up and repaired- not pleasant. And since it all gets set in motions years after exposure, even if you've been cautious as an adult- get checked! Okay, done now. :-)


Vicky, great story. I have a feeling I'll be a regular at the Dermatolgists office as time goes on. I have a few moles that they're just keeping an eye on and a few more that I'm going to have them take off anyway. I'm fair skinned also and use sunscreen and hats religiously. fact of life after you hit 40 and something like this happens! VERY good to hear your brush with it was basal cell and treatable.

Mrs DoF, I would have wondered about the built in chemicals as well. Good old soap and water works for me. Your hub is so right about creating a balance between the graphics vs information. As much as we like a colorful webpage, where the links are hard to find, it's useless. WOrst of all, we wont return!

Gypsy, good to hear, we just got soaked also. My dog got in bed with us and quivered all over.

Linda, I don't know about weird, there may be more people out there who do the same as you! In any event, i'm going to reach for my own pens from now on.

Lass, I rarely do either, and thought that since she mentioned the site, she would have a link to it. From now on I'll just google the company and find it msyelf.


That was nothing. Just you wait for a 'cane.

Been down the skin cancer route. Great message above ... especially for Floridians. Don't wait, investigate!

Sorry about the mirror, they turn out to be crazy expensive ... at least the one Katie destroyed was $$$.
It turns out, breaking a mirror really is bad luck $$$.


ya'll are lucky. Dad and I had squamous skin cancers removed which involved deep cutting. They are the more dangerous type. Yep, keep watching for them. all of them are trouble makers if left alone.


Beautiful Bird pictures!
Ouch on the car and plumbing.
I think if they advertise something they should give a direct link.
Great link on the skin cancer. I hope all is well for you.
I hope the storm stays away.
Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) hugs
(")_ (")Š from
the Cool Raggedy one


when our door mirror broke (dad did it driving too close to a garbage can) He put it back with a screw and lots of duck tape. Took a long time to fix it that way but it works, doesn't move anymore, isn't on really right, but functions.

Nils Ling

Good on you for staying vigilant about your skin. There's really no percentage in not investigating - even if you're wrong and it's harmless, you feel better.

As always, lovely pics - I'm getting plenty of clear blue skies right now out on the Prairies ... but the temperature when I woke up this morning was -27C. That's a bit nippy.

As for the dance ... as always, take lots of pics ;)


I always lick the pen at the doctors office.

Thanks for the coupon link.


Hmm, I see what you were saying, Laura....about the bad luck so far this year. The mirror doesn't look great. But now we're into better days ahead, right?
Love your photos.


I learned the hard way about touching the pen and clipboard at the doctors office in December. Won't be doing that again!!
Hope you have better luck from now on.

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