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March 13, 2007


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Well, we're all suffering from a vitamin deficiency.

Go Brit and team! Good luck at the next stage in the competition!
Don't you wonder how someone can work for some insurance companies in Florida and still look in the mirror?

Wacky herons! Doesn't he know you immortalized him?

Hope he didn't poop on that purty blue truck.


I do NOT miss the yellow bath of pollen from the scrubpines of the south, lol! I do, however, wish that *I* lived in Florida. Being from the north, I could care less how they do things...I'm going to the south for good someday, and I'm going to do things THEIR way - fit right in!!!

I'll add some sliced mozzarella (fresh, of course) to your tomato recipe...and fresh basil....yum!


Welcome back! I have missed you. Pollen has come out here too, but not the yellow kind you can see. My head is splitting right now from the sinus pressure. Is there anything you can do to keep the birds away from your fish? Can you put a net over the water?

Old Horsetail Snake

I made the picture bigger but I still could not see the thievin' murderer. Maybe if you put out some swell tomatoes...


Hi William!! LOL..

Vitamin deficiency? LOL FC. I'm beginning to feel like Wile E. Coyote and Bugs Bunny with this fish eating murderer. Stay tuned for the Acme Bomb post!

By the way, that's my neighbors house, and the truck belongs to a friend of his. I was zooming in with the camera in this pic. I've gotten pretty good at run and chase scenes...

Linda, thank youuuu, thank youuuu, I get so sick of hearing how the gardening is done up north!! LOl. Personally, it's great if it works for the people in the north, but there's usually a reason we do things differently down here... the bugs and climate are just different!
ok, im off my soap box.

And fresh mozzarella diced and drizzled with olive oil and fresh basil is one of my favorites, I'd join you in a heartbeat for that! I'm really hoping I get a good crop of tomatoes this year, even though I planted them differently than they do up north. Opps, climbing off my soap box for good now...LOL.

Judy, I've missed you bunches. I've been taking Flonase, and so far it's working. Hope your sinus pressure lets up soon. This is the time of year we get the headaches from it, too. yechh.
We made a grid of fishing wire to string across the pond, and the bird likes to gingerly step inside and around it. Amazes me how persistent he is. I suppose we should make the holes smaller but that would really look look ugly. So I figure I'll have to sacrifice some fish from time to time. So we battle it out several times a week. Some of my neighbors feed them and I guess when they run out of food, they show up at my house for appetizers instead.


New job, new car, done with Spring Break, survied tonight's thunderstorms. Phew! This weekend: cleaning the garage! Wheee!


If it makes you feel any better, I think everyone up north is a moron, and the way of life in Florida is a much nicer way to spend time on the planet. I'll defend your way of life to anyone who dares challenge it.

I've been hearing so many insurance nightmare stories in the deep south. In the wake of Katrina and her sisters, the property and casualty carriers have become even more cut-throat with their clients than they've been in the past. It's such a huge disconnect when viewed next to their friendly-next-door-neighbor marketing messages. Makes me want to hurl, frankly.

Sorry I've been away for so long. Life's been busy, but massively good. I've been logging lots of media time in my day job, and setting the stage for lots more cool things to happen in future. We're all happy and healthy, and we welcomed a new dog into our family tonight. No complaints.


Yay, you're back! I'm so glad! And while I looked, and looked, and strained my eyes..I couldn't see the thieving, murdering, fish It's probably right in front of my eyes..LOL


Hoss and Sandy, you're not alone on this! I had an email about it this morning!

Look in front of the truck, in the white space in front of the white wall of the neighbor's house. The egret has his wings outstretched and looks as if he's flying into a white light!

Carmi, great to see you again as well! I'll be over to see your new dog, hopefull with pics on your site! :)

Lass, spring break is in 3 weeks for us, I can't wait.

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