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March 02, 2007


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I wondered if you were going to make a new goldfish feeder for the heron out of it.

Old Horsetail Snake

Just think of how many hogs you coulda slopped in that dude. What a waste.....


Why are you getting rid of it? If I had one, I'd be in it everyday - even in summer....LOL


Are you just tired of it or the upkeep? Don't you just love home owner projects? I told my husband every time we get one thing done it seems something else either needs doing or we want something changed.


Deana, I'm extremely tired of it. We're getting rid of the tub because it hasn't worked in years, was a real eyesore and the frame, which was all wood, had become a home for bugs and other critters. (Kenju, there's your answer, too. LOL!).

HOss, yeah.. I miss them ol hogs grunting around the back yard. but boy, that bacon was good in the morning. mmmmmmMmmmm.

FC,, hub was thinking of making another pond out of it, buried in the yard somewhere. there just wasn't room or time for it all, etc. lol


Arrrr! Arrrr! Arrrr! Power tools!

sara sue

You're blogging somewhere else on the Q.T. aren't you, Ms. L???


What are you going to do with that space now? Will there be before/after pictures? :)


Ummm...I've got some stuff in my backyard that needs to be hauled. I'd tell you what it is, but I don't want to scare you off. Bring a crane.


Kelli, we just have lawn chairs there for now. Getting rid of this eyesore makes the area look a lot better. I'd like to put an outdoor area carpet in that spot, with chairs, tables and plants to spruce it up. But I'd rather tear the whole deck out and ditch it for good.

LOL Sara, no... wish I could get THIS blog up and moving again!

Wordgirl, I have a pool that needs to be torn apart, I'll trade ya the crane work for that!


Oh, how wonderful to have a hot tub. Do you plan on replacing it with a new one?


Go Gators!

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