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April 11, 2007


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I just left a comment on someone's blog about Buffledog and another dog friend of mine, both dying this week. It is just making me so sad I can't stand it. Seeing the Buffle's pics over the course of 2 years made me love him. I can't believe he is gone.


That's so sad. Going over to offer my condolences.


Anybody who thinks a dog is "just a dog" is dead inside. I'm sorry for your friend's very personal loss. Having walked my own share of dogs across that bridge, I understand his pain.


That's a tragedy...I will go offer my condolences too. Pets are a family member and it is definitely horrible when we lose one.


I never had a dog growing up and I wasn't able to understand what a gift it is to be loved by a dog until I was an adult. The two we have now are such a part of the family. When it's their time to go, I will be incredibly sad. The death of two of our cats was depressing enough. I'm going over now to leave a word.


Arrrghhh. Can't talk now.


Oh no...I am so like you. I get to know my blog buddies pets as much as anything....I'll go visit. It is so hard to lose a good dog (or cat) they are like family.


Those who think "it was just a dog" are clueless...

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