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April 21, 2007


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Oh how could you. You know it took me the better part of a year to finish that first heron! Now #4 is tempting me!! :P


Aw, what a purty fella! ;) Now, I don't think I'd be messing with a catfish, I mean, don't those barbs hurt going down??


Never eat anything bigger than your head.

Cool sequence Miss Laura!


Your photos are so clear it is unbelieveable! I feel as if I were there on the beach!

Old Horsetail Snake

Give him a hand? You want me to touch that gooey appendage? I think I'll just stay upwind, if you don't mind.


Wow! Just amazing and stunning photos! Congratulations!


wow!!! I love the story, and the!!!


I think it's tragic that our herons are now being forced to live like homeless people, scrounging fishkill from the beaches, when there are overstuffed, pampered goldfish in ponds just begging to be snaffled up by an enterprising beak.

I certainly hope you invited this big fella home for a real feast before he flies north to enjoy the delights of NORTHERN hospitality.

As always, though, wonderful picts.


... and Leanne is right. #4 is an amazing shot - you should Google "photo contests" and enter it in a few under "Nature photography" ...


Those are amazing photos


Oh my goodness that was fantastic! What awesome camera work...!


Did he ever get it down? It looks entirely too big!

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