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April 12, 2007


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We've all missed your blog entries for their wit and charm and the great photos. But we've all run into times when the blog takes a back seat to real life - even those of us who don't HAVE a real life. Take care of the important stuff. We'll keep coming back to look for you :)


Swim across the Atlantic Ocean?!? LOL! Thanks, I needed that! :D


Yes, you are missed!

Someone at Google has a sense of humor!

Seamus this a "peanut swim"???

Old Horsetail Snake

Wow! You suppose somebody in Google is having a high old time with this? It's top funny, is what it is.


Hey, maybe if I swam across the Atlantic, I'd actually be able to fit into those French clothing sizes. And eat lots of cream puffs...burn it off on the way back.


Hey what if you can't swim?

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