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April 19, 2007


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Oh, yeah. Our insurance firm decided not to insure our cars anymore, but they'd like to insure our mortgage and do our homeowner's ins. anyway. Yeah, I said, good luck with that.

Car in toe? too funny!

sara sue

I am still laughing at "Car in toe"! You've got to buy one of those disposable cameras and keep it in your car!


Good gravy, I would have forgotten all that good stuff before I even got to my keyboard!

I cannot stand waiting for a doctor. They should not run more than 10 minutes behind, and if they do, they should be calling people! I'm glad you got good news though. It was worth the wait. :)

I don't even want to know what you poor Floridians have to pay for insurances. nothankyou.



Insurance companies suck!

I've got a graveyard of stuff from when I've purchased the wrong size/model. It is extremely irritating.

YES...she beat curtis.

"Toeing car"....LOLOL


Camera moment yesterday:
Jr and I are leaving the town in which I work and he schools, and I remembered I'd left my camera locked in my classroom. IHATESTOBEWITHOUTMYCAMERA!
But this time, I decided it could stay. It was secured and the day was late, not much time for photo'ing.
At home, I walked outside to feed the chickens and a hummingbird comes to the feeder ... Dang! .... and then ANOTHER hummer shows up and they move to the shrimp plant a few feet away from me and hover and fuss at each other for 2 minutes all in range, all with a lovely shrimp plant background, and all unphotographed because I didn't bring my camera home.

And yes, Doctors and their waiting games drive me nuts.


After our insurance company dropped us and we had to go to Citizen's... I'm now in favor of telling the insurance industry that if they won't insure our homes then they don't get our auto business. State Farm, I'm talkin' to you!

Toe. Heh... :)


That's terrible NW dropped you! We just changed our homeowners AND auto ins. to NationWide because State Farm was NOT a good neighbor! We had a robbery claim, a pipe leak, and a couple accident claims in the past 16 years. Our State Farm agent never even returned one phone call to us. So far, NW treats us like we exist, but we're new customers, so who knows when it'll really count ...


Carolyn and Pam, I had Nationwide for 10 years and never filed a claim at all. So much for being a loyal customer, how much money did they get from me all those years? In fact, I've had homeowner's insurance since 1990 on other houses and places and never filed a claim then, either. You'd think I'd be a good risk for them.

We also live in a "high and dry" area but they're just pulling out of our county and most of florida as a whole. I don't think we're going to find private insurance at all, it's just impossible to get these days.

We have State Farm on our rental house in Fla. I hope they come through for us if we ever have to file a claim. I'm not putting much faith in it, however.

FC, ohhhh that comment made me cringe! I rarely get hummers in my yard, I'd be going crazy if I saw one here and didn't have the cam handy!

Goldbloom, maybe we should sort through our graveyards and see if we can trade off on some of this stuff. Got a belt size 5 for a dirt devil vacuum? LOL

Leanne, I tend to forget half of this stuff by the time I get home that night. I had a lot of chocolate yesterday and I think that did the trick.
We were paying about $2400 a year for homeowners... I figure it will double now that we're most likely going to end up on Citizens, which is the state run homeowners fiasco of an insurance plan.

Sarasue, yep, yep. I dont like leaving my canon in the car!

Kenju, not the cars. BUT the house? that's insane!!! Here in Florida, we have the reverse problem, lol. Have you tried Hartford, Ins?

Old Horsetail Snake

Well, sorta. In high school all the girls could outrun me.


I hate waiting at the doctor's office. Like our time isn't nearly as important as theirs.

Companies that big don't know what the other hand is doing. Sad.


Farm Bureau Insurance!
You may not be rural enough.


My last vet visit was 45 minutes. A friend of mine went to her doc and waited an hour and a half. Then the doc comes in and says there is a student doctor that wants to help. Then they tell her she is in the wrong room for a pap smear. So she moves. Has to get buck naked and sit there for 2 HOURS! She finally gets her clothes on tells them to give back her co-pay and not dare charge her insurance and to give her the charts of her history. She was pissed! And they gave her the stuff.


And now for a moment of crass commercialism:
I can help all of y'all with home and auto (and life, but no one wants to talk about life). Most of you don't have to go with Citizens unless your house is fairly old and in one of the forbidden zip ocdes. Any one on the beaches, Tierra Verde, or Island Estates should contact me.

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