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April 14, 2007


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I am so glad you caught it - and that it wasn't melanoma. I have had 2 AK's removed; one under an eyebrow and one slightly above and in the eyebrow. I have another one now, so I suppose I had better hightail it to the dermatology ofc. Mr. kenju had a mole I thought was CA and it wasn't. While the doc was checking that one, he saw a spot on mr. kenju's leg (at the side of the knee) and he knew immediately it was basal cell ca. He had to cut it out, and it wasn't a pretty sight. So glad you got it early!


Oh my goodness, glad to hear you caught that early! I've had a tiny white, scaly bump on my eyelid for 2 years now-- maybe I'd better ask my doc.

I'm here from Deana's btw :) I looked thru your garden photos and enjoyed them immensely! We're re-doing landscaping both front & back. You gave me some great ideas for small gardening in the back yard. We just moved from the country and I'm having to downsize my brain from cornfields/potatoe hills to smaller veggie patches, lol! I love your herbs too, and the Zinnias & Sunflowers are my favorites :)


I'm glad you caught it in time. And may the medical people report all things promptly!

No problems with skin cancer myself, although my sister who lives in Arizona has had more than her share of scares.

I did get weird looks and personal questions when I had a terrible black eye last Fall.
Really, folks, I walked right into a door!


Hey sweetie, that's a great picture of you! I hate to be the one to tell you this, though... you've got a little something near the corner of your eye there...


Many years ago when I first got to Florida I learned the first summer how to recognize the natives from the transplants..the natives wore wide brimmed hats and long sleeved white shirts or light colored shirts..


Carolyn, thank you! It's nice to meet you also. :) My garden this year is even smaller, unfortunately! Just three tomato plants and two red bell peppers. I just haven't had time to get into a big one this year and I miss being able to work outside. I do have the herbs in pots everywhere, that makes for an easy garden. Just planted zinnias everywhere, I'm hoping they'll grow!
And I'd go ahead and get the scaly bump checked out because if it's basal cell, it will continue to grow. don't want that to happen! Hopefully it's just an AK or dry skin!

Kelli, yeah, there's an elephant in the pic too.... ;)

Mrs.DoF, LOL, I also had a black eye once, got some interesting looks from people when Rick and I went out in public! I hits the headboard on the bed. No comments from the peanut farm, folks... LOL

Guy, I find myself wearing sleeveless tshirts instead. I suppose i'm payiing for it.

Kenju, good to hear he went to the Dr. to get it checked out. I hope yours is another AK as well! lol. more a nuisance than anything.


Well, if anyone can look good with a bandaid on her nose, it's you.

Thanks for sharing from someone with the same history, smart about the sun since my 20's, but fried and refried before that.
I have my three Mohs procedure scars from my basal cell removals. I slapped the Mederma on my forehead scar pretty religously after that surgery and the scar is much less than I imagined it would be when the wound was fresh.
My shoulder scar is pretty impressive, I think she (Doc) didn't take as much care back there or maybe she had to remove more of me. Whatever the reason, it's worthy of bar fight, close combat, or any other lie I wish to tell about it.

I'm glad you got it early.

sara sue

Wow! I'm sooo very glad you caught this early and that it was not melanoma. Thanks for sharing something so personal, Laura. Oh ... and you do make that bandaid look good!


Ah ... a bandaid worn with style ... dunno too many people who can pull off that look, but it doesn't dim your cuteness one bit.

Great advice on precautions. I've never understood the appeal of a deep, dark tan on leathery skin. It shouts out "Yeah, I'm risking malignant melanoma and a host of other medical conditions, but damn, I look bitchin' in white!" In other words, a dark tan says to me "I'm not terribly bright".

Give me barroom pallor any day. And none of this artificial stuff. I get my barroom pallor the old fashioned way - in barrooms.


I am glad you went on to the doctor! Bless your heart! Skin cancer is so you I worried about the ugly spots. I went to a screening 2 years ago and he told me I was fine except this tiny spot he told me to watch on my forehead. If it didn't go away in 6 months to come back to him. It was like a tiny bump....he said it was from a severe sunburn. I would have never worried about that little bump.


Yup, it got me too, only it was squamous cell ...right below my cherry blossom tattoo! I had it removed last May, this is what it looked like when I noticed it:

This is what it looked like 3 days after they burned it out:

There's still a scar there but 1) the cancer is gone, and 2) it doesn't interfere with the tattoo!

Glad you got yours taken care of!

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