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May 31, 2007


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Looks like he does rule the couch.
All hail Buddy!


Oh I am sure the cat union rep will be writing a letter to you about this.


William, the cat union "rep" can kiss my a..

FC, his ego is way too big for that couch... LOL!

Sara Sue

I love how Buddy is "smiling" in that last shot!


Yayyy me for the photographs!

We're silly.

Rico, Local 459

Yet another example of how this particular "caregiver" wantonly and knowingly endangers the felines in her charge.

Exposing innocent cats to the unpredictable and violent tendencies of a drug-dependent thug of a dog is irresponsible. To exacerbate that danger by deliberately provoking the dog into a fang-baring, barking rage borders on inhumane treatment.

Expect strongly worded letters from both PETA and Amnesty International.

This is not over.

Local 459

PS: As to this woman's request that I kiss her a** ... I won't dignify that with a response. But in the words of any NYC cab driver: "Lady, aintcha got nuttin' smaller?"

Hooch, Esq.

The defendant has retained our law firm and has released the following statement:

The alleged "innocent" cat willfully climbed up onto the couch of his own accord and settled himself into a spare crook along the owner's leg, knowing full well that the said dog was:

A) busily gnawing on a rawhide bone
B) minding his own business at the time the cat invaded his space.

Said cat ignored the rumbling growl from present dog and arched his back in disrespect.

The dog was rebuked for his efforts and therefore the cat was not exposed to any particular danger to his little furry self.

In addition, the aforementioned cat is also the, catriarch of the family and has been known to claw the daylights out of said dog to put him in his place, as he has rightfully done for the past 9 years.

Therefore, we believe the plaintiff should immediately cease and desist this wrongful act of harassment against Buddy the dog and call off the PETA, Amnesty International and the Society of Anal Retentive Canadian English Majors or they will all rue the day they ever messed with the defendant.
Thank You,

Turner & Hooch,
"FOR the people!.com"

O.K. Spelling, SARCEM

On behalf of the Society of Anal Retentive Canadian English Majors, we deplore the besmirching of our good name in furtherance of what appears to be an entirely parochial squabble between a family of cats and the humans and other animal life said family retains.

Leave us oot of it.


hehehe dog outsmarts cat...again!


I Love you girls



This was too cute! And bravo to Buddy....hey, doesn't seniority count for something? He sure is cute and so is kitty!

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