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May 08, 2007


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Over 5000 morons have signed the stupid petition, essentially condoning drinking and driving. It's not like it was the first time, either - I think it was the third time she was pulled over since she was on probation or something, wasn't it? Not like it was her first offense.

If she can slop around in pig manure, she'll do just fine in a jail cell.


"Honey, none of us are so drunk that we believe that one."

I declare this the Line of the Day! ROFL!
[Thanks, I needed that laugh!]


Those fires look scary.

I want her butt in jail. It will be good for her and a great lesson for all these kids that think they can do anything.

Sara Sue

The good news is Arnold can't read.

I dread fire season, maybe we can start a petition to skip it this year??


And anyone drunk enough TO believe it should probably book a room at Betty Ford. I'm just sayin'.


And anyone drunk enough TO believe it should probably book a room at Betty Ford. I'm just sayin'.


I hope they throw her bony butt in jail for at least 6 months. She should find out just how useless she is to us.

Old Horsetail Snakeo

Funny thing. I have always felt sorry for Paris Hilton, for having to endure that personality of hers.


You know, I know Paris is an idiot, and she thinks the rules don't apply to her, etc. But I think putting her in a county jail for 45 days is going to cause more problems. EVERYONE is going to be picking on her. Put her to work like they did Naomi Campbell. Make her sweep up trash, give out food at a homeless shelter, etc. Public humiliation of some sort. It would serve her and the community better.

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